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 Love Is a Part of Altruistic Vision- A Guiding Force to Authentic Soul

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Love Is a Part of Altruistic Vision- A Guiding Force to Authentic Soul Empty
PostSubject: Love Is a Part of Altruistic Vision- A Guiding Force to Authentic Soul   Love Is a Part of Altruistic Vision- A Guiding Force to Authentic Soul Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:23 pm

When I lived in a remote village which is far away from the conurbation of the main city of Kolkata, I nestled my habit to visit a small rivulet which still runs in murmuring sound. This tiny river is nonchalant and calm in nature. Basically, I grew into maturity in the lap of nature. Avenues of palm trees, grass covered meadows, aromatic herbs, wild flowers and colorful butterflies haunted my mind during my adolescent period. I loved to gambol across the lawn and my best friends were multicolored butterflies whose wanton act was more charming.
Therefore, from the very beginning, my familiarity with nature was excellent and remarkable. Rustic lifestyle is attractive and I feel thrilling sensation while dreaming of roaming alone by the side of the river which seems to be testimonial to my life cycle. To be frank, I love roses. A red rose always makes me wild. I planted a rose sapling in my backyard long way back. Every morning, I went to garden with strong expectation to see my sweetheart which bloomed only for me. Rose is my dearest friend. It is the vehicle of outpouring my love and passion. Therefore, when I first met Payal, I gifted her fresh red roses as a token of evergreen camaraderie and love. Payal was my class mate. She was so cute that even silvery moon could be outperformed. Her razor sharp smile always forces me to feel warm. It was an amazing experience which was inexplicable. Payal was just seventeen years old at that time. I touched the milestone of 18. Her two eye balls were bluish. Her half sunken eyes with well painted brows were so charming that I lost my senses to meet her face to face. It was a thrilling experience.
Every evening we met each other at the riverside. The lazy sun was slowly bobbing down in the horizons of the skyline. The mild flash of crimson sun rays mingled with cool water of the rivulet. The sun seemed to be poised on the riverbed. In the soft but palpable vesper light, I tried to read her face. Her rosy cheeks were dotted with few beauty spots. Couple of droplets of sweat got stuck just at the corner of her rosy nose. As if these water runnels might have lost ways halfway in their journey. Her mystic smile raised so many question tags and confusion. I was groping for the easiest way to understand the meaning of her slanting smile. Timidity in her vision was miraculously blended with childish frivolity. She became a goddess to me. She is Ave Maria who is encircled with a halo of silvery white color which is also called celestial light. Meanwhile, the autumnal moon popped up in the vast blue sky. Darkness was hushed up with the advent of silvery beam which was so soft and sweet to feel. Payal was sitting very close to me. I was drawing fresh air forcefully as I got overheated and thrilled to feel her presence. This intimate close-up smartened me up and energized me to live thousand years or more with the great expectation to spend some special evenings with her. Love is not an overnight gambling event. Nor is it a piece of dreamy enchantment. Love sweetens up one’s life.
At night, silvery crimson beam emitting from the opal shaped moon wrapped the river and land in magnificent way. I was walking down the memory lane. Payal was moved to tears in excitement. Warm teardrops were seen dripping silently but steadily through the rosy and soft cheeks of my sweetheart in zigzag way. Oh my goodness! Is she a human being or a fairy? Silvery crimson color produced a synergistic impact on my mind. I felt the presence of a guiding impetus or indwelling spirit which strengthens the bond between man and nature. Payal is not an ordinary girl. She was holding chalice in her hands to gift me. I became her disciple. She taught me how to love. I learnt a lot from her how to purify soul and commune with holistic grandeur. Her charismatic aesthete accentuates the natural elegance which enhances the epiphany revelation. She is a part of nature. She is edified and she has instilled the doctrines of love and humanity into my mind. Love has power to rejuvenate someone. It can heal up wounds. Magnificent silvery crimson liquid insulated the water surface of the cool river. Mild blow of perfumed breeze was shaking small poppies which were hanging downward indolently in amber light. Payal guided me to reach the acme of altruistic vision in which I woke up to feel the entity of supernatural element which is mysterious.
However, after a long hiatus of 10 years, when I revisited my sweet village where Payal gave me assurance of spending few marvelous moments with me to justify and authenticate our friendship, I rushed to that the old river which bore gigantic history of love and camaraderie. I was overwhelmed to learn that this was not a supernatural entity but it was the life force in the form of visionary glimpse. Pantheism ensures the presence of super white light in Nature. It is more elegant and lustrous. She has renewed my life in this super white color. It is a snapshot of visionary glimpse and my life has come to a full circle. I achieved heavenly bliss in meeting Payal. She has filtered my thoughts removing confusion and conventional legacies which restricted my movement. She has perfected my way to gain charismatic elegance which has orchestrated my lifespan accurately. Love brings uniformity in human relationship.
Payal is a painted portraiture. She is also the ensemble of holistic luster and celestial light. I have had enlightenment to wake up in vision. Payal is still my spiritual leader and teacher who has initiated me into the mission of serving for mankind through philanthropic love, sacrifice and friendship. Her presence is not only in my heart but she is still alive in Blue Ocean, in the Mackerel sky, and in raw sunlight. I am in anticipation to new sunlight which will remove darkness and brighten up our life to welcome sunny days to come bringing lot of hopes.
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Love Is a Part of Altruistic Vision- A Guiding Force to Authentic Soul
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