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 Love Story:Prayer (Part 2)

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Love Story:Prayer (Part 2) Empty
PostSubject: Love Story:Prayer (Part 2)   Love Story:Prayer (Part 2) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:08 pm

Then vacation ends, back to school again. after a week he started to text me again. We have a good conversation, actually funny..,and i have a weird feeling whenever we text. i m too open to him. i even told him that he is my official text mate and that i don’t text anyone other than him, that’s when he ask me. Then after 3 days, our conversation became deeper. I used to call him, actually he ask me to call him..hehehe..,at first he called me ate then after that he began to call me in my nickname. yes, he said that he is really interested in me.
Ever since he saw me in that Ondoy relief operation he was amazed. Amazed that i am the president. Such small girl with big responsibility. I told him that he is just enjoying my company that’s why he’s feeling weird. Actually before i thought that we could actually built some sort of romantic relationship but then when he said that there’s someone who love him, and he’s not sure if he loves that someone i was a bit hurt. I just said to myself, “very assuming..,that’s why you always end up broken” and i started to think that’s its only friendship and nothing. And then he said that he thinks he’s in love with me…,come on..,not me..the ugly me..,i just tried to speak my mind up. We had a personal conversation. we went to the mall and have a window shopping. I don’t know if its dating but maybe. That was Saturday night. Then came Sunday morning, texting again. Then he’s acting like he was jealous to my friend whom he though girl. I think that time was the first time i became very playful. I told him that don’t worry she’s a girl and i will introduce him to her. I’m surprised when he said he wanna come to our house that same time. I guess its 10am..,i really don’t know what to say but because of his persistent, i said yes.
Yes, he came to my house.Actually I always wake up late in the morning. I’m still messed up. I haven’t comb my hair, brush my teeth..,as in. But i decided to fetch him with that look so that he would be disappointing. Yes, I want to show him my ugliest side…hehehe..,When we were walking towards our house i don’t really know how to introduce him to my parents. And he said OK, just tell them that i am your suitor, as if he don’t really mean it. oh..,what an insult. So i told him i am not forcing you to be one. But then he said he really is..,although i m very disappointing. We still went to my house. I just told my parents his name and that’s it. I called up my friends to entertain and examine him while i m doing my house chores. We have a discussion and he really is sincere that he liked me..,he said he’s serious. So i told him to finish his relationship, if there is, to the girl he’s saying. Then get back to me after, and i will try and see if he pass my criteria..hehehe. But before that i found out that he’s 4 years younger than me. Shocking!.., that time he’s only 17 years old, and i m 21..,oh men…He said he could lie about his age my friends or to anyone. Just give him a chance that he is worth it..,so sweet..,
He stayed until dinner time to us then me and my friends send him to the deepness stop. He’s really looks sincere that time..,while walking i touch his arms and saying thank you. Actually its a signal that i want him too..,that he have a BIG chance…,( I wont waste this one, maybe he’s the one that God gave me)..,just for a brief moment and i let go. Before he board the jeep he tried to hold my hand but i tried to be a bit conservative, hehehe.
Then Monday came, he asked me if i could wait for him in his work, I’m supposedly going home from the school. He have a part time job in Jollibee that time. I said yes because he really is a persistent one. After he’s work he was shock and so sorry when he saw me standing outside with a disgusted look. Actually i just came from a meeting and i m very disappointing that time because i was scolded. Then he showed me some meal saying he took out his supposedly lunch for me…,ya..,very touching..,
We were heading for home together. I feel very depressed. I wanted to say that i really like him but then i have so many worries. I am the president of our campus and I don’t want anyone to show my soft side. And if they knew that i have a bf they will see my soft side. And of course he’s freshmen so obviously he’s so young for me. Then my time, i m sure that my time will be divided. I’m doing a lot of things, studies,, part-time work, i m an officer..,come it.While were heading towards home I stop. I told him that i really like him but its just there’s so many things that I cant tell him and there’s so many things that confused me.I even asked him for a fling, a not-so-serious relationship. He knew that from my look i m really confused. He hugged and told me that he’s willing to wait for me. I don’t need to rush things.Then i stop and told him that yes, he is now my BF. We hugged..,but then after that i gave him a lot of do’s and donts..,hehehe
We are now a year and 3 months. We’re getting stronger…,and now we almost knew each others personality. I’m so happy for such a nice, good-looking, sweet, funny, and talented bf..,although sometimes he’s too demanding for my time and too talkative,..i still love him for that..,hehehe
BTW, he said that he also prayed to God to have a girl friend whose older than him, very understanding, and cute (he really like small girls, luckily i m short..hehehe)..that’s why he think that his prayers were answered when he found me..,
Thanks for spending time reading this story of mine..,for encouragement to those whose looking for your match. Pray to God, He always answers..,just wait..because I’ve wait for 21 years and see, He gave me the best. So don’t rush OK?God loves us!^_^
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Love Story:Prayer (Part 2)
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