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 Love Story:Prayer (Part 1)

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Love Story:Prayer (Part 1) Empty
PostSubject: Love Story:Prayer (Part 1)   Love Story:Prayer (Part 1) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:08 pm

I really wanna share this love story of mine wherein you will see how God moves the two of us (me and daddy q) to be together.
It happened when i was in college, just more than a year ago.
At first sight you will think that i am just a typical girl, an ordinary girl. I m less than 5ft tall, but not that too short,with tan skin, dark brown eyes (you will notice it when you look straight to my eyes and up close)and black, not too long, hair. I look younger than my age because of my height.
I was the president of the Student Council, yes, student council, I m handling 15 student officials under me plus 8 student organization presidents plus 2000+ student members. so in short, i m a very busy person. I was in my senior years that time. When I was in third year i m the Editor-in-chief of our school organ then one political party asked me to run for presidency. I really don’t like the idea because i don’t want to handle such big responsibility and i love writing. but then i say yes. Luckily, i won..,beating my opponent whose the previous president and my favorite subject in my articles. Its just that i really love him so much..,(ironic)..,but anyway..,to begin the romance..,
The typhoon Ondoy was a big shock to all of us here in metro manila .Flooding every city..,those were the times when it doesn’t matter whether your rich or poor, or celebrity or ordinary person. Everyone is affected so as part of social responsibility every organization and institutions, including our school, make a relief operation. That’s when I met Wilmar. He is the class president of Office Management ( I cant remember if its I-1 or I-2) it is a 1 year course in our school funded by the local govt. If ever they passed the course they may enroll for a 4-year course in our school. It is somewhat a stepping stone.
Anyway, my secretary introduce me to the two presidents of OM, the other is a girl and Wilmar. He is a tall guy, about 5’7ft, have a fair skin, medium built body, but one thing that’s really eye-catching is his eyes, correction, his eye lashes. It is naturally curl, you will think that he purposely curl it but it is really natural. It gave me an impression that he is a gay whose not yet ready to reveal himself..,plus the way he move..,very graceful..,i mean very– i don’t know..(^_^)that’s the first time we met. I ask for his number, but not just him, including the girl for official purposes(i m not attracted to him at that time so don’t think i made the 1st move, hehehe)
After that, because i am a very busy girl whenever i saw him in school i just ask him “how are you, how is your class, anything you want to suggest to do or any plans I’ll try to help” or ” we have an activity you wanna join..” or just anything to be just a friendly, approachable president but i don’t really have a nice, long conversation with him. I have a barkeep but because i m always busy i seldom meet them or just during class. They always tease me that i should be looking for bf because i m too old,,blah blah blah..,that’s why the depression is there..,honestly.,,hehehe
I have this long time crush, or first love, i m freshmen during that time and he is sophomore but since I’m already 4th year, it means he’s not yet around. He already graduated but sometimes he visits the school (not me). We knew each other but we don’t talk, i don’t talk to him, actually i always try to keep away from him because of some incidents (sweet incident..,hehehe).
So christmas came, its vacation. Time for me to relax a bit. Almost every night i imagine of having a bf. Then one time i really have this urge to really experience how to have bf. so i pray to God that i really wanna have someone to love and will love me in return. i gave God my criteria, I want tall, medium built body (i don’t want thin nor fat)nice, don’t have vices, who can get along with my friends (not an antagonist bf whom i usually meet when my friends sometimes introduce to me their bf or other people), i am not asking for a good looking one but at least have a beautiful eyes. I also want him to be tan to match my tan skin (because it awkward to see a guy fairer than the girl)and very mature and responsible (so preferable 4years older than me). That was a sincere prayer that i prayed to God.
Then new year’s eve came. I received a gm from Wilmar asking how’s new year. Since i have load and i don’t have anyone to text i replied. then he asked me if he could taste our food, and said of course just for the sake of conversation. And his reply is a bit weird because he’s asking for my address so that he could drop by. i was surprise..,”is joking, weird,” i thought. I tried to reply but then, i don’t have load.
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Love Story:Prayer (Part 1)
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