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 Love Story:The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 2)

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Love Story:The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 2) Empty
PostSubject: Love Story:The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 2)   Love Story:The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 2) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 8:11 am

The front wall bearing the writing board had entry gate on the extreme left when viewed from my current angle.on the right plank of door leaned a tall, perfectly curved, long haired, magnetic, winsome girl with a lavish and extravagant expression. her habiliment rendered a smile on my face, of course veiled by my cavalier looks. i knew, i was the one she discerned first and didn’t move her eyes further. there were other vacant benches, she culled one in front of mine. i dint know why but loved to process it my the mean time teacher made an entry.

we had first lecture in maths, teacher started with introduction. now it was was her turn. “Natasha Oberoi” she spoke in a teeming voice. she had shifted from Mumbai to Delhi due to her father’s business. she dint forget to mention that she liked Delhi more.

anticipating its my turn she turned back tried not to look at me and elsewhere, showing attitude. “keep sitting, we all know who you are” my teacher intervened. i smiled for my teacher n gave a proud look to the girl. by this time her expressions said she is angry but pleased to know i am famous.

then we had serious maths, and other lectures.

in break almost every left the class. we kept sitting. two of girls aroohi and sapna went to Natasha for introduction. i tried everything not to get noticed. after introduction, girls were leaving for canteen. Natasha asked them to buy her toffees. i was listening it all. at last, both of us were alone.

yet dint start talking, rather we tried to avoid each others gaze. she moved her head to her right and left and front but not behind, even i looked up and down but not where i wanted.

those girls entered again. ” they are out of stock, as its first day new orders are pending, no toffees dear” sapna explained. “its all right”Natasha smiled. those girls left.

i got up, moved ahead, put my left hand oh her bench and moved ahead again. went to lean against the left plank of entry door. turned back to gather her expressions. i had left toffees on her bench. i saw her blushing, smiling, still proud. she collected them and came to lean against the right plank of entry door.

we were so close. as i noticed her, i turned my head to left and she to right. both of us were smiling. however, dint talk.

as bell rang, all condensed to class room and we moved to our seats, trying to ignore each other to prove our supremacy.

then we had some more lectures. and finally the day was over. after departing rituals all moved. Natasha moved and i followed . she crossed the main gate and turned right, i followed. i knew, she knows i am following. she kept moving. and then she paused. that was apprehensive. i kept moving, thought she would scold.i left her behind. she paced and caught me.

“you were following me” she asked

“no, that’s my way”

“shut up” she grinned. and that brought back my heartbeat.

next, we started walking together. every minute i felt her close. “Vince Sheldon” i introduced my self.

we kept talking and then accidental out hand touched. i had never felt that level of adrenaline. i found our hands touching time and again. finally, i took a brave decision, and held her small finger with my small finger. my heart was on brink, before it could fall. i found every thing immobile. gradually finger by finger i clung her palm. all the while we were moving.

now she turned to me. raised her right hand, her left hand was in my right hand, concentrated on my neck,moved closer and finally her lips touched mine. my eyes were wide open, her eyes were closed. i suspended my eyes too. put my left hand on her waist.

that moment i felt gravity less, timeless, Divine and perennial. certain kind of maturity, strange purity, a fire, sense of completeness. all in one moment. that’s what i felt. if this isn’t love, i don’t care what love is then.

shortly we realized the ambiance and we withdrew.

“Vince my father is waiting at college” she was nervous

“what, why did you come this way” i inquired

“i saw you following me, i was enjoying, i saw my father looking other side so i kept moving” she elaborated

“idiot girl, go run .and 9*********, give me a message” i said

she smiled turned about and walked. i moved for a moment n realized that i am in wrong direction, i had to take a left from college. i stopped, held my hand on my head. Natasha noticed.

“you too in wrong direction” she laughed.

and then again we held hands and walked together towards the we approached college we released our hands finger by finger. finally we saw her father. she introduced us. he asked me to drop me out of courtesy.

“no thank you mr. oberoi, i live nearby.” i refused.

they, then went there way. i observed their car for a while with a smile. and then with same smile i left for my place.

god, yes i was in love.
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Love Story:The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 2)
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