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 The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 3)

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The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 3) Empty
PostSubject: The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 3)   The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 3) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 8:10 am

i reached my home switched on my cell phone and from the first moment i was expecting Natasha’s phone call, such was my desperation. got a few massages from my friends which they had sent in night telling about their plan of not coming today. but those were irrelevant now. i put my phone on bed and went for lunch. i don’t know how much i ate and was getting up just then i heard my phone ringing i ran at once, there was no limit of my elation, and then i saw kavya calling. kavya, my best friend, some one i loved the most till this point. my elation suffered disappointment. calls after calls, sms after sms. i attended few and then put my phone on silent, in a hope that if i would check my phone after an hour or so i will find her miss call or massage.

i decided to check my phone after an hour. trust me i checked it after complete 1 hour, but by watch it was just 5 minutes. i tried sleeping. but i couldn’t, i tried television, Internet, books. i failed. i kept checking my phone after every 5 minutes. though it was on silent i had adjusted it so, that i can see the light. and after 2 hours of restless eagerness i saw screen light. i rushed, i saw a new number and again my hopes were at cloud nine. in best tone i picked the phone. and in worst tone i cut it. that was an advert. and then i literally cried. since 2:30pm i was waiting for her call.

i couldn’t imagine, what had brought this turmoil in my tranquil life. after half an hour i saw my screen light and a new number. trust me, i forgot all the pain i was going through. again collecting my breadth i picked up the phone

“hello” i spoke hesitantly

“hey, Vince?” finally it was Natasha

“you fool, you know i was waiting for your phone call since so long” i yelled

“what u think i have microprocessor in my brain, it took 2 hours 30 minutes 20 wrong calls and a lot of patience to dial your number correctly. you could have given your number in written. right?” she screamed further

“oh f***! i am so sorry” i apologized.

since 5pm we were talking till dinner time.

that was the shortest dinner i had. i rushed back called her and was amazed to know that even she had done her dinner. that was crazy, but that was true. we talked till we slept. and it was her call that woke me up in the morning. my mom was happy to see me ready much before than usual.

i rushed to the college. as i entered classroom i was in a dilemma. Natasha was sitting on 3rd bench of middle row my 5 friends were on 4th and 5th benches. they had my seat was reserved on 5th bench but i wanted to sit on 3rd.

i crossed first bench at a slow pace, 2nd with still slower pace. and was almost immobile at 3rd. but i had to move. the so called peer pressure was working. as Natasha felt i would cross her she held my left hand gently. and then i had no option. i got what i wanted. i sat there, with her.thinking i am angry about yesterday, condensed. but i refused to listen

situation was awkward for me. i was not speaking

hence Natasha took out her two notebooks and one textbook. i was her scribbling her name on notebooks ‘Natasha Oberoi’. then she turned to the first page of the textbook. and again she was writing her name onto it. she wrote Natasha but for her surname she started with s this time. s h e l d o n. “Natasha Sheldon” that what she wrote. i started laughing loud. she clung her lower lip between her jaws. she was smiling. all inquired the reason. but i could laugh only.

in break again all came to talk. and we confessed. i expected the next question could be when it happened or how it happened but next question was “where is the party”.

i laughed again.

“my place, tonight” Natasha proposed.

so that night we had a party.

every thing was just perfect. we were introduced as friends. we danced till our phones dint ring. parents are always in duel role, of friends and of foes.

but before leaving we all clubbed for a snapshot. that was the perfect moment. a moment worth life. i had never thought, a single person can change my life upside down. life was at best.
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The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 3)
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