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 The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 5)

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The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 5) Empty
PostSubject: The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 5)   The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 5) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 8:08 am

we were writing our test papers. i was constantly looking at natasha. she hardly moved her pen. time was over .i got up. moved towards natasha and saw she had written nothing. i took her answer sheet. tore it in pieces, dumped in bin and ran out. she followed me. invigilator thought she wanted to chase me. our parents were called. by this time we were in hospital. we aborted the child. and came back home. my parents were waiting. they had no idea why i tore her answer sheet.

“i thought she would top, that’s why, i did that, i am sorry” i said

“vince” my mom was shocked.

i ran up to my room but i was relieved.

natasha was allowed to write her paper again that was a good news. i had to write an apology letter to her. but that was all right. and we had a good laugh after exams. every thing was normal. we had our boards.after taking last paper on 21st march, we ran out from hall like we were in prison. there were no heights of our ecstasy. we planed for a party and ran to the mall.

me, natasha, kavya and others danced like mad. it was already 5pm and we decided to leave. we were sure these gatherings would be on regular basis. while coming out of mall natasha was limping. and by the time we reached our car she collapsed. i was terrified. we took her to hospital. her parents were informed.

after tests and examinations, doctor came to tell us that she has chronic uterine infection. we dint understand.

“is she fine” i asked out the breathe

“her days are counted” doctor cursed us all.

i remember the surge of adrenaline in my body. my body refused to react. my brain stopped working. my seances were paralysed. i could not believe this was happening to me.

i could not blink all the while. i was in tortured in and out. and then all of us broke into tears. we were not allowed to meet her that day.

i went ashen. like a corpus i was moved to my house by others.

in same trauma i went to meet natasha next day.

we cried for hours together. we knew why this was happening.

“i am responsible” i was wet in tears

“no vince, never say it again it will pinch me more”

we talked like there is no tomorrow.

i tried to spend maximum time with her. we lived like couple during her last days. i could see my natasha going away from me every moment, and i could not do any thing. we talked about every single thing. we would look at each other for hours without a word. far away from this world, we were some where else.

21st april. 9 PM

“natasha, get up have your dinner”

“vince please call everyone”

“are you okay?????”

“do as i say”

i called everyone. her mom was with us only.

“vince, come close.”

i sat on her bed. she held my hand. and some how i knew what was to follow. tear rolled down my cheek.

i could feel the astral breeze.

every thing went static. no sound. no disturbance. silence.

and then my natasha closed her eyes. forever.

her lifeless limbs were still in my hands.

i had gone lifeless as well. complete lack of motion.

after an hour i noticed others lamenting.

and i had no option but to join them.

next day when i returned from her funeral i was still in some other world. walking without seances. for next few weeks i was in same condition.

I remember one dαy i was on my bed waiting ƒoя hєя сαll and мy lιƒє wαs tιсkιиg; αсtuαlly ιt wαs мy сloсk, ьut yєαh whαt сloсk shows ” єvєяy мoмєиt you hαvє lost” сαи’t яємємьєя whαt thє єxαсt tιмє wαs; though мy єyєs wєяє мovιиg wιth иєєdlєs, ιt wαs oиly αƒtєя thяєє dαys ι яєαlιzєd thαt сloсk hαd сoмρlєtєd 6 яєvolutιoиs, αиd αlso thαt shє woиt сαll мє αgαιи.

Shє сαи’t. Shє сould иot hαvє α сєll ρhoиє ιи hєαvєи.

after a month or so my mom forced me to go out to accelerate my recovery.

i was dragged by some force towards school. i kept walking. i let behind my school’s building. and while rambling on the road where natasha had kissed me, for the first time, i felt someone held my hand. i turned. she was natasha. she had came to bid her good bye.


“dont say a word”

and she came close to kiss me, the way we had done for the first time.

then she culminated the kiss

“now, i have to go vince, please take care. and i love you more than ever” she apparated.

“goodbye natts” i spoke my last words to her.

Finally i was in this material world once again.

P.s. ι was ι guess 5 ƒєєt αиd αяouиd 7oя 8 ιисhєs hιgh ƒяoм gяouиd αиd she was αяouиd 5’5 when ι hαd мєt hєя. иow ι αм 6 ƒєєt hιgh αиd she hαs яєduсєd to volume of α ƒιst! Yєαh that ιs мy hєαяt. She ιs ƒouиd no where иow, ьut, ιиsιdє мy hєαяt


You αяє still with мє…
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The Death of My Girlfriend (Part 5)
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