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 Beautiful Love Story

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PostSubject: Beautiful Love Story   Beautiful Love Story Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:42 pm

Love is the most beautiful, possessive and caring relation in the world. When a person fall in love with someone he seems to be the most beautiful of all, the person who needs to be cared a lot and the person about whom you become so possessive that sometimes you become jealous of your own-self. Rabia was unaware of this truth up till now but today she came to know the truth of love. She saw him after a long period of 4 years but inspite of her utmost desire she can’t came in front of him. He was now a matured man and that university life’s talha was gone somewhere. Properly combed hairs reminded of his funky hairstyles which he changes daily, a three piece suits reminded of the torn jeans he used to wear and the laptop bag taunted that empty college bag he used to carry in the university. Everything was changed apparently but his eyes were same full of love and pain. That night rabia can’t sleep as she was in her bed but her mind was somewhere in the past.
“Mama, mama where are you? I have a really good news for you where are you?” Rabia was shouting with joy because she got admission in the medical college.
Her mother came out from the kitchen and kiss rabia on her forehead and give her a lots of prayers. Everyone was happy but sad too as rabia had to go to the hostel. With everyone’s prayers she got her hostel and find her room. Her roommates were very loving and she soon get merged with them. The real story starts from the first day of college as that day became the first day of rabia’s new life. Hiding from the seniors she reached her class and find a seat for her. After sometime he came into the class and sat next to rabia, a young boy with torn jeans, funky hairstyle, glares hanging from the pocket, Talha. At that time they didn’t notice each other as they don’t know what was the destiny planning for them. Days passsed on, regular study started and the professors elected the CR of the class and divide the class into groups. Both of them were in the same group, they have to do assignments and practicles together. Rabia was very conservative but she was frank with the group members and as a result frankness developed with Talha also. With the passage of time their friendship turned into liking and they started spending most of their time together.
Suddenly Talha left to come to college, Rabia got worried about him and inquired his address from one of his friends. Now the problem was how to go to his house so she asked her friend who was also her room mate. Rabia was going outside the hostel for the first time so she was bit scared. On reaching Talha’s house rabia knock at the door and it was Talha who opened the door. His eyes were swallowed either due to sleeplessness or crying. He was too surprised to see rabia there, he took them inside and told them that his mother was unwell that’s why he was not coming. He took rabia to his mother who was really on the death bed. Rabia consoled Talha and said that he didn’t worry about the notes she’ll make for him also. Talha thanks her for coming and came to the gate with them. After 2 days Rabia came to know that Talha’s mom has expired she become unconscious as if her own mother has expired, tears rolled down her cheeks and she was completely unaware of her surroundings. She was just thinking about Talha that how she’ll console him? How she’ll say him to have patience as he had already lost his father when he was 9.
Again with that friend she went to the funeral of Talha’s mother but didn’t talk to him because he was surrounded by his relatives. Everyone was consoling him in his own way but Rabia didn’t know what she’ll say to him. When all the funeral customs were performed Rabia was expecting that Talha will come to college but he didn’t so Rabia went to his house but this time she was alone. When Talha saw her there his patience loses and he started crying like a baby.
“I…I…. am all alone now rabi…..,I have no one now” He was trying to stop his tears. He hide his face behind his hands because he didn’t want to cry infront of her.
“I am your’s, Talha, don’t say this….. I’ll be with you.” Rabia was trying to console him and by her saying this he was really comforted.
Rabia took the promise that he’ll come to the college and left. After this Rabia was seemed always with Talha, she treat him like a baby. One day Talha invited Rabia to his home, Rabia accepted his invitation and this time also she was alone. Talha took her to his mother’s room and said that,
“I don’t know what you’ll say after hearing me but i know what i am saying…….,
I want to say……..
that…. that………
I LOVE YOU.” Saying this he grabbed her into his arms and it seemed that Rabia was waiting for this moment.
After sometime they get separated from each other and both of them were very happy, they have got what they wanted. Now everyone in the college knew that they like each other, the time keep on going and it was their last year after only two months they’ll be the doctors. They were very happy but in the last month Rabia became upset but she didn’t tell Talha anything and then on the last day of college she meet him and came back home. She changed her contact number because her parents wanted to marry her to their nephew. She cried in loneliness but said anything and then she started her house job. She forgot Talha and his cousin refuses to marry her because he like someone else. Life was going on, she started her practice in a private hospital which has chain of hospitals all over the country but she didn’t know to whom this college belong to and today he was in front of her, Talha Hassan, The owner of the hospital.
The morning alarm was snoozing but Rabia was not there to stop it.
“I dont know what you’ll say after hearing me but i know what i am saying…….,
I wanna say……..
that…. that………
Next day the dean announced a meeting with all the staff, Rabia was afraid of coming of Talha as she has no answer of his questions, so she take leave of one week from the hospital. Everyone was surprised as she was very punctual and regular. Talha was also surprised because everyone was there except one person, he wanted to meet that person who didn’t come on his order. He called from the house just for the meeting strictly. She has to come but as she enters the board hall everything stopped, eyes get into eyes, hearts stopped beating, they forgot everything. Talha want to talk her but she silently sat on her seat and didn’t saw at him again but during the whole time she felt his eyes on her. As soon as the meeting ended she went out of the room and go to her house. Talha searched her everywhere, asked everyone but no one knows anything, so he waited for the next day but that knight was very painful for him. All the questions suppressed in his heart for so many years wanted to be asked.
Next day he called Rabia in his room, Rabia gathered her courage and went to see him because she know that she can’t run from him now. She entered his room he was waiting for her standing near his revolving chair.
“May I come in?”
“You don’t need to ask me for anything, neither for coming into my life nor for going away.” he wanted to say everything that was in his heart.
“You wanted to meet me, any problem, sir…?” Rabia wanted to be professional so that she avoid his questions. Her last word hurted him a lot he came near to her and hold her from her shoulder and pull her towards him.
“So…. I am your sir, we don’t have any other relation, huh?
“You don’t remember anything? Why did you leave me this way without saying a single word?”
“I love you damn it”
“I love you”
Rabia’s feeling which were buried somewhere rose once again and she left herself in his arms.
“I love you too, Talha……”
“I love you so much. I am sorry for what i have done to you but i was helpless i can’t tell you anything that time.”
Resting in his arms she told him everything that why did she left him. Everything was clear now every complaint was washed away with the tears. A new life was waiting for them with open arms.
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Beautiful Love Story
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