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 School essay– not done‏

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School essay– not done‏ Empty
PostSubject: School essay– not done‏   School essay– not done‏ Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:34 pm

I am eighteen years old and live in Ankara, Turkey. I moved to Turkey from America when I was sixteen. Making friends was hard in my town. ‘The new “American girl” thinks she’s all that’ is all they said.Even though everyone would say or do things to make me miserable, I sometimes let it go.The girls in my class had jealousy problems. Every time a cute boy would talk to me or want to make a date to hang out, they would take him away in mid sentence and begin to flirt with him.
One day the girls were being very nice to me, weird.So I talked to them a bit. It’s about time they come to their senses. They asked me to go to the park with them after school, so I said, “Sure why not.”We went to the park laughing and talking. After about ten minutes they told me they will be right back. They were going to the coffee house. “We’ll get you some apple tea.” I was a little dumbfounded, but I said okay ill wait. Ten minutes passes, then 20 minutes, then 35, to 45 minutes. I finally figured they ditched me. I was not surprised. It began to be a little chilly. I realized I did not know my way home. I got lost. I asked around. I sat next to a bus stop and a stray dog with a Turkish doll in his mouth came by me. There are many stray dogs and cats in turkey. I started to talk to the stray. Then I fell asleep. I woke up by a loud voice.
He told me to come with him. I tried to understand what he was saying, but his English was very weak.We came to a huge house, a mansion. I just wanted to go home. I asked the man where my town is. He said it was hours away now.I was very scared. The man was very handsome as all Turkish men are.I had no idea what he wanted me for. We entered the mansion. It still had some walls from the Romans 3,000 years ago. I notice a pool house with the dome on top.
“What’s your name?”“Nihal Saat.”They put me in a room. Then the man came back and said, “You have to work.”They wanted workers. I did not want to work. I tried everything. They put me in the garden, I messed the flowers and landscape up. They put me in the kitchen, the first 10 minutes I broke four $5,000 plates. They put me on cleaning duty, I said no. I can tell they were a little annoyed of me, but I did not care.So they told me to sit in the living room until they get something for me to do. While I was waiting, I saw a very handsome man.
I asked the maid that was dusting who he was. She said his name was Behlül Haznedar and he owns this house. I told the maid his eyes were gorgeous. She said that he was wanted by every girl in the country but he did not like the fakeness in their eyes. All the girls wanted was money and a man to show off.I asked her how everyone knows who he is when I do not. She replied, “I am actually surprised that you do not know him. He is a well known man.”The Guard man that took me came after a while and said that he will give me work later and to freshen up. He gave me a room, one outfit, and other needs.The man told me in ten minutes he will pick me up to go down to the hairdresser and nail salon.
I straightened my hair and painted my nails a peachy pink color.I go back to the house and I was told to get dressed. After one hour, they called me down to eat dinner with them. I’m still lost in this whole situation. Why am I here?I go down to dinner. They sat me down by Behlül. The whole dinner, Behlül would glance up at me. I was still in love with his gorgeous eyes, and his animated smile. At the end of dinner, Behlül got up. I was getting out of my chair and I noticed that he pulled my chair out for me. I blushed a little but hid my face. It’s been a while since a gentleman has done something sweet to me.I turned around and looked into his eyes, and he says, “You too have beautiful eyes.”
He stared at me for a second and then told his guard man to start the car. Behlül left.I guess word spreads quickly in this house.I was falling in love more and more, but it’s not deep yet.The guard man took me to the room and I asked him what chore you want me to do now. He said to go wash the dog.It was a puppy, a boy. His name is Eli. I shampooed and conditioned him. This task was not so bad. Eli was so gentle and sweet.
I started to talk to him. “Why am I here Eli? Why are girls so cruel?” I sighed, “I miss my aunt… do you miss your mom?” he barked. “Oh Eli, I think I have a little crush on someone. He’s different from others.” Elias sat in my lap and lay down. My hair was a mess.I was lying on the floor and Elias fell asleep on my stomach. I bored him I guess. After five minutes, I also fell asleep on the floor cuddled with Eli.Someone woke me up. It took me a second to realize where I was. I looked up and I see Behlül laughing at me. Elias jumped off and ran.”I see you have taken a nap…. on the floor… with my puppy.”
He laughed.I laughed a little. He put his hand out for me to help me get up. I slipped and he caught me in his arms. “You’re a clumsy one aren’t you?”"I’m known to be the clumsy one in America. People are constantly asking if I’m alright.”"Does anyone laugh?”"In America, no. In Turkey, just a few girls, but I don’t care.”"I can take care of that for you if you’d like. I have that power.”I laughed. “No its okay. They’re not worth it.”"As you like.”He’s amazing. His chuckle makes my heart melt.”Well I’m going to go to my room and take a shower.” I told him.I walked passed him to my room.
I was suddenly happy they needed someone to work in the house. Its fate (or destiny. idk Mrs. Gall, use any word). After the shower, I lay down and took a nap for 20 minutes. I was awaken by a knock, but ignored it. Then the door opened and THE GUARD woke me up. “Get dressed, you’ve got half an hour. You’re going downtown with Behlül. He likes you and wants to buy you things for your stay here.”"Has he said anything?”"No, but he shows it when he’s sleeping. Sleep talking, hugging his pillow… ‘Oh you’re so beautiful Nihal.’ and all that.” I laughed with a little surprise on my face.
“That’s hilarious”"You like him, your blushing too. Well alright then, you’ve got 20 minutes.”He closed the door behind him, and I found an outfit hanging on my door, he must have hung it while I was sleeping.I got dressed and sat down on the bed. I began to think… what is going on. How could this be? I love it though…I miss my aunt… I want to contact her. Wait! I can. I’ll ask to use Behlül’s phone.”Nihal are you ready.” the maid called and then she walks in after she knocked.”Yes, I’m ready.”"Ok well Behlül is waiting in his car for you. Go on.”"Wait… why am I really here?”"Oh darling…well… you know that mean guard, he’s Behlül’s godfather. He looks after Behlül now.
Behlül never fell in love.He struggled with that area. Every girl he meets just doesn’t give spark in his life. So one day, while his godfather was walking he saw you. He thought you were perfect. It was something about you that he just knew Behlül would love. We always knew that Behlül wanted a strong girl, one who knows how to say ‘no’. So, his godfather put you to the test.”"What test?”"He put you to work and see how you would react.
Half the things we asked you to do, you refused.”"So I failed…”"No! You passed. Why should anyone be treated like that and accept it? And you complimenting his eyes…and to make it for sure, we sat you down by Behlül during dinner, and we noticed you two… Indeed it was love.”I just stared at the ground, smiling.”Well go on now; we’ve kept him waiting long enough.”"Is he mad?”"He would wait centuries for you.”Oh man I love this story Mrs. Gall…. just wish it wasn’t this long.
Oh and I did turkey b/c everyone on my tour bus said it’s a good idea since I’m around this culture. As I walk out the door, Behlül gets out of his car, and runs toward me.”Ready?”"Yeah.”He just stares and then walks me to the car. He opens the passenger door for me and closes it after I get in.It was a very nice car.Before we drove off, I asked him if I can call my aunt to let her know I’m fine.”Store her in my phone and I will let you call her tonight.”"Ok, that’s fine.”"You’re fine. =)”
(hahahaa, that was funny right?)As we were walking along the streets going store to store, Behlül went into one store and I seen a makeup store like the one in America. I ran to it. I looked and picked out some things. How I missed this store!I walked out, and some guy tried selling me a scarf. He looked about 18-19 years old. I told him no thank you. “No, please, you are a beautiful girl. Come on in.”“I have many, no thank you.”As I walked away, he grabbed my arm.
“You have many shopping bags in your hand, just add one more.”I didn’t know what to do. “Let go!”I hear Behlül. “Nihal! Where are you?”I see Behlül run towards me. The scarf seller guy lets go of my arm and says, “I’m sorry, I thought she was alone.”“And if she were alone, tell me what you would have done!!”“I assure you, nothing.”“If you ever touch her again…”Behlül punched him and the man fell on his shelves of scarves.”Behlül and I walk away. “Are you okay?”I nodded.
He didn’t say anything for the rest of the shopping. After all the shopping, I looked in the backseat, I seen over 35 bags… I thought that was strange. “Wow, I didn’t realize how much I wanted.”"Only for you. And I kinda pre-shopped for you. Couldn’t help myself.”"I hope you know my taste, I’m really picky.”"I had one of my people watch you and see what you like, after they have done that, they will know what your style is. They’re professional. I am also picky, so I know what it feels like to get something you do not like.”"Wow, that’s great… Behlül, why are you giving me all this?”"Well… I want you to stay with us. I really like you.””Things just happen so quickly.”"But I love the results.
“We stare at each other for a while until someone told us to hurry and get out of the parking spot. We laughed a little and got into the car.On the way home I fell asleep. It was a long day. I woke up when I was on the way to the door. I looked up and seen the night sky and Behlül’s face. I closed my eyes and let him carry me to the room. He laid me on my bed and kissed me goodnight on the forehead and closed the door behind him. The next morning, I felt so lively. I felt good. I wanted to get up. I did my morning routine and went down to make myself breakfast.While I was eating, I realized I forgot to call my aunt.
I lay down on the couch and watched some TV. I woke up too early and everyone was still asleep.Then I hear Behlül’s voice from far away. I look up. He sees me and says, “Good morning beautiful, your aunt is on the phone. I was going to surprise you and let her wake you up with the phone on your ear. Here, go on, talk to her.”I take the phone. “Hello?”"Nihal, oh my god Nihal where have you been. Oh my god I’ve been worried sick!””Auntie! I’m so sorry. I didn’t know what to do. I–”"It’s okay, your friend explained.
And I am so grateful of how they took care of you. As long as you’re fine, I’m fine.”I gave Behlül a look to go away, so then he like went…away.”Listen Nihal, I would come get you, but you know how my work is unpredictable. I need to fly to London tonight. I haven’t even packed because I wasn’t going anywhere until I found you. But it’s important, and now that I know your okay, I can go.”"When will you be back?”“Four months.” “What?!”"I know… but don’t worry, you’ll be fine. You’re around caring people. I can tell by the sound of that young man’s voice. And it sounds like he loves you, aunt’s intuition.”"Yeah he’s cool.”"He’s cute right.”“Yeah. You might know who he is.
They say everyone does. He’s famous and stuff.”"What’s his name?”“Behlül Haznedar.””Wow, girls will hate you, but God sure does love you.” My aunt said. “Okay I got to go sweetie. I miss you and love you. Take care”"Love you.”I hung up the phone and Behlül walked in. “your aunt, she really cares about you. I thought she was your mom at first.”"She’s like my mom; she raised me since I was 10 years old.”I can tell he wants to know what happened to my parents but does not want to ask. I don’t even want him to ask. I don’t like remembering.I can’t believe I’m retyping this whole essay!!!!! I hate my life. The part after this erased. –Three months later.
Behlül and I are doing great. We are together now. And tonight there’s some kind of ball room party in a hotel.— It’s time to get ready. I’m in my room putting on the red dress for the party. My hair and makeup is done and we have to leave in 10 minutes.“Do you need any help Nihal?” the maid asked through the door.“Yes, please come in.”She zips my dress and stands back. “You look gorgeous.”“Thank you. Behlül wanted me to wear this. He bought it.”“Yes I know. I helped him pick it out. It’s a special night tonight.”“Really, I thought it was just a party.
”“Yes, but you will see.” I go down and Behlül is waiting for me down the steps.“Wow! I’m so good at picking dresses out.”“Yes you are.”“But you make the dress look much, much better.”The guard then says, “come on kids, you will be late.”We go out to the car, and the driver takes us. We get there and Behlül and I enter. People stare at me and then at us. “Wow, we’re hot.”“I know…” I say.“No one could wait to see who my girl is.”The party is nice. We ate dinner, danced a little. Then a slow song comes on so Behlül and I go dance. We are in the middle. We are doing well and people circle around us. Behlül twirls me and when I turn back around.
I see him kneeling down on one knee.“Nihal, I love you, will you—““Yes! More than anything.”He put the ring on me, gets up and hugs and spins me. Everyone is clapping.I’m tearing up a little. Behlül wipes my tears and kisses my cheek. I am smiling so wide, I cannot relax my face.
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School essay– not done‏
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