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 The Royal Wedding

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PostSubject: The Royal Wedding   The Royal Wedding Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 2:22 pm

I admit it. I HAD to watch The Royal Wedding. Despite all of my reluctance, curiosity won out, especially after a friend of mine told me that she HAD to watch it. Frankly, I didn’t understand the hype or the commotion about the event. So, I didn’t watch it live; I caught the rerun. And it blew me away.

It wasn’t so much the event, but the energy of it. There were layers and layers of fascination. I could watch it again just for the reactions and energy of the crowds. The outpouring from the outdoor crowds was heart- warming…amazing. The indoor crowd was a mirage of all kinds of energetic statements (especially the pink spider hat in the front row). There was so much tension between Camilla and Charles and wide open minds from others who were there. Catherine’s mother was stunned. The thoughts of people in that room literally jumped out of the screen almost like cartoon bubbles. That was fascinating. But the real draw was the beauty and the healing of the event, not just for England, but for the entire world.

There were billions of people watching – one third of the planet – and even more who received the benefit of that fabulous energy without even knowing where it was coming from. It wasn’t about a statement of the have and have-nots; it was a statement of healing and love: two sons whose last footsteps into that famous place were ones filled with grief. It was a world in mourning with the death of Diana, a woman who’s daringness to be different filled the world with hope, and then crashed those hopes in a certain conscious way with her death, though the mark she made on many of our hearts, Brits or non, was indelibly forged. She was a woman who stood with strength in the face of adversity and dared to shine her Light so brightly in a way that had been unacceptable in the world that she had been dropped into that it caught our breaths. Then she was gone and there was a family with two young sons in deep, deep mourning. I say this, though, seeing now that as a Spirit, not only did she choose her life, but she chose her exit, too. There was a strategy behind it that only Spirit really understood.

In Truth, Diana hasn’t died. She was profoundly present at the wedding of her first son. He spirit was beaming, proud and finally – intensely happy. The words, “Now Diana can finally rest in peace,” kept coming to my mind. Spirit wanted to show me this loud and clearly. Not just about Diana, but about the healing power that comes from beyond, even years after the fact.

I had mine own experience with a profound healing from Spirit when my mother died. There were so many events that magically manifested during and after her death. She healed our entire family in ways that I cannot even begin to describe, but the outward signs were obvious. Relationships that had been tormented for years healed overnight, and I suddenly and vividly became acutely aware of the Truth about Spirit and God – that both are intensely real, and it changed my heart and my life path forever. Not too long after my mother’s death, I entered the world of energy and healing, and I’ve never looked back. This has been a full-time passion and career for me for over 12 years, and it was her gift to me. She gave me the awareness, and it sparked an incredible need to know more, and that hasn’t stopped. Every day is a new adventure with Spirit. Spirit spoke and it hasn’t stopped since. What a blessing.

I saw something similar with Diana, how she offered profound healing to her family, especially her sons, not only through her death, but through her life, too. Spirit showed me how Diana had taken on the energetic programs of having to conform and live a life of unhappy choices in order to please others, an incredible form of self-sacrifice that she saw, even after her passing, wasn’t necessary. As spirit, she took on so much of that karma while she was still in body to save her future generations from having to do the same. I heard one of the reporters say that she specifically told her sons that they should choose to marry for love, and that if they found someone who truly loved them, to not let anything stand in the way of being with that person. And so it was. She had succeeded in breaking the cycle and helping her son find a genuine, passionate love.
This was a wedding filled with love and the celebration of love. It was an unabashed event that dared to go against the energetic grain of what seems to be so expected in the world these days: be unhappy and afraid of tomorrow, and worry, a lot. The lack of worry between William and Catherine wasn’t because these people are fabulously rich; it’s because they are fabulously in love and unafraid of letting anything take that away. They stand regally in their integrity, each authentically showing their Light and their joy. It lifted the hearts of many and brought an energetic hope back to the world. No matter how long it lasts or doesn’t, the gift was permanent.

This woman, the new Princess, Duchess, etc. etc. is a woman who embraces the Feminine Divine. I watched her and learned so much about what it is to embody authentic power with grace. She is stunning to watch. I absolutely did not expect to be so enamored, but her energy is incredible. Here is a woman who knows how to have what she wants and there are no excuses needed. No apologies and no pretending to be something less than who she is. There is no shutting down of her Light. No pretending to make it more than it is – sheer perfection.
The event – the energy of the event – was sheer perfection. It was a joy ride of Love, hope and possibility and a testament to what we all, as powerful Creators, can create when we are in alignment with our Truth and Brilliance – unadulterated, unabashed Love for all the world to see.

Wishing you Peace, Love, Light and Joy,
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The Royal Wedding
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