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 The Laws of Reflection

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The Laws of Reflection Empty
PostSubject: The Laws of Reflection   The Laws of Reflection Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 2:15 pm

If the "laws of attraction" are not delivering for you quite as advertised, don't fret. If visualizing a pile of cash hasn't yet made you wealthy, it's not because you're not powerful. And if your perfect mate hasn't yet arrived, it's not because the Universe isn't listening.

In fact, you and your thoughts are 'extremely' powerful – just as the "laws of attraction" would tell us. And the Universe is 'always' listening. But in the interest of our learning and our longer-term happiness, the Universe listens not only to our thoughts and intentions but also to our underlying BELIEFS.

And therein lies the snag … because more often than not, we will have an underlying belief or fear that is in direct 'contradiction' to what we wish to attract. And for better or worse (… better, as it turns out), the Universe will simply not 'deliver' to us what is inconsistent with our beliefs.

Fortunately, the "laws of reflection" operate to 'show' us these hidden fears and contradictory beliefs … so that we may heal them and clear the way for what we truly want.

So, for example, we may 'intend' to create a loving relationship. And this very valid desire and intention becomes part of our consciousness and, indeed, part of our "field of attraction." At the same time, however, there may be a part of us that 'believes' that we're not worthy of love. Or we may harbor an old 'fear' that love leads to pain or betrayal.

And since these wounded beliefs and fears contradict our intentions, we end up sending the Universe a very mixed message about what we want.

So our problem is not that the laws of attraction aren’t working. It's that these laws are working VERY, VERY well. Not only do your thoughts and intentions shape your "field of attraction," your beliefs (about yourself, about the world) also become part of this field and direct what comes to you in life.

Now, it's very important to point out that these limiting beliefs – these old self-judgments and fears that contradict our intentions – are 'not' true. These are 'wounded' beliefs and patterns … little remnants from past traumas that we've internalized at some level. But to the extent that they still operate within us, they will very much undermine our power to attract love, wealth, joy, etc.

Again, because these fears and wounded beliefs contradict our intentions – and 'both' shape our "field of attraction" – they will tend to cancel each other out. And thus the Universe doesn't deliver. At least not quite in the way we had hoped.

In fact, the Universe will often deliver to us – at least, at first – the 'opposite' of what we hoped and intended for. And for a very good and logical reason.

If we persist in our positive intentions while still holding our wounded beliefs to the contrary, the Universe will do us the favor of showing us these wounded beliefs. The Universe will 'reflect' these fears and limiting beliefs back to us.

"Well, thank you very kindly!" we might say to the Universe. But the Universe is indeed doing us a service. Because if we truly wish to 'attract' these wonderful things – love, prosperity, joy, etc. – we must first clear these false, wounded beliefs that are inconsistent with receiving them. We need to be shown what's in the way. So the Universe will 'reflect' back to us that wounded belief. It will show us what our field of attraction is actually 'attracting' with this limiting belief.

Consequently, we may well attract to ourselves the very circumstances we least want: the people, the situations, the 'lessons' that reveal to us these old fears, insecurities, wounds, and limiting beliefs.

But, again, this is not some cruel joke. We will attract these unlooked-for circumstances so that we can become aware of these wounded beliefs.

The good news, as emphasized before, is that these limiting beliefs are 'not' true. They are in our way 'only' because a part of us still believes them. A part of us still 'feels' wounded and consequently subscribes to the limiting belief. So the Universe, in its wisdom and compassion, will oblige us by showing us these little 'wounded' places … so that we can heal them.

To briefly illustrate this mechanism, let's return to our earlier example: our intention to 'attract' a loving relationship. Again, the Universe is always listening. But let's see what the Universe actually 'hears' when we form this intention and make this request.

Indeed, hearing our desire and request for love, the Universe says: "Yes, absolutely! We see your beautiful heart, and we see how deeply you wish to share your heart with someone who 'also' sees this beauty."

"But," the Universe says, "you also have this little shadow, this little part of you that does not see your worthiness, that does not see this beauty." "It's not an accurate view," the Universe says. "It's a distorted view, a wounded view. But it is, nonetheless, something that you are currently carrying. And since this false belief is inconsistent with attracting this loving partner into your life, we do need to show you this wounded place."

And so the Universe obliges us by sending not that person who loves us, but someone who awakens this old wound we're carrying. The Universe sends us someone that is not 'attracted' by our beautiful intention for love, but someone who 'reflects' that hidden, wounded belief that we're not worthy of love.

Again, this may seem unkind, but this 'intermediate' step is critical not only for attracting the things we want, but also for finding fulfillment in these things. Why? Because ultimately the laws of reflection and attraction dictate that:

And if we wish to attract 'whole' things into our life (and keep them), we must first 'be' whole. So, in effect, these laws help us create the healthy foundation for what we want. By first showing us the places within us where we need to bring our 'own' healing, balance, love and acceptance, these laws ensure that what we ultimately 'attract' also brings us these blessings.

Indeed, as much as we'd like to believe in 'mind magic,' when we visualize, imagine, or create the intention for a thing, we do not instantly create this thing. We create 'a path' to it. A path that 'delivers' to us the learning, the wisdom, and the wholeness we need for this beautiful creation.

Our job, of course, is to be patient with this path and to honor it. And when this path is not showing you precisely what you hoped for, try to see what it 'is' showing you. Again, it may be directing you to a part of you that YOU must affirm before life can.

The Universe, its laws, and its love will always work first and foremost to help us discover our own wholeness. Not because it doesn't appreciate the urgency of our needs and desires, but because in this wholeness lies our 'true' power in our lives and in the world.
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The Laws of Reflection
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