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 Move A New Way In The World

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PostSubject: Move A New Way In The World   Move A New Way In The World Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 1:58 pm

I recently had an amazing lucid dream that gave me a wonderful answer to the experience of my world lately. I woke up around 4:00 am hearing from my inner being, “you need to move in the world in a new way”. I thought, great, let’s hear it! I went back to sleep and had a dream where everyone was shouting and arguing as I was trying to walk down the stairs, a metaphor for integrating more and more of my consciousness here in the material realm of earth, and there was a woman who was trying to poke me with a stick. I kept trying to dodge her as I came down the stairs and it was exhausting! Then in the dream state I heard, “flow in non-resistance”.

I repeated this over and over again in my dream and began to feel an ease of movement in my body. I took hold of the stick the woman was trying to poke me with and began a dance of non-resistance. I was able to move by her, down the stairs with ease and grace. The shouting and angry people in the dream were a metaphor for the state of mass consciousness that has really been prevalent over the last several months. We are caught in a state of resistance, in a state of unawareness that there is another way. This resistance comes in many forms: depression, anger, impatience...anything that takes us out of an awareness of a completely effortless way of being and living here in the material realm. We are actively creating our universe from our experience and thoughts and feel stuck in resistance not totally sure how to navigate this new era of thought, energy, and consciousness being born.

From Dream To Experience

After I woke from the dream, I was amazingly refreshed, I felt light as a feather, yet securely grounded and present for my day ahead. I took our dog for a walk continuing to bee in this new state of consciousness called non-resistance. We came to a woman with a small dog who was barking at us. I paid no attention as I was in this effortless flow and all felt great. She apologized and said he never used to be this way, it just started happening and she didn’t now why he was doing it. I had no desire to change the situation, I told her something simple about our dog who used to be shy and was now more assertive, “who knows why they change”, I said. In that moment I was aware I was still beeing in this state of non-resistance and what this woman said blew my socks off, “You know, maybe it is because of us!” In that moment I realized the power of non-resistance. It was a loving power to create space for someone to see, hear, and feel their spiritual weight and step into an opportunity for change but through love and kindness instead of struggle and pain.

It literally felt like I did absolutely nothing, yet an outward observable change took place. The only thing I did do, was hold my own consciousness, my energy, my state of awareness in non-resistance. Just like the woman in my dream on the stairs, graceful change took place. I chose a different state of consciousness, and the universe responded. For me the universe is our Source and it is an intelligent, loving force in the world if we can stand still and let flow in our life. This was a very subjective feeling, this non-resistance and I asked the universe for a metaphor to share it with others.

Scientific Metaphor Creates A Connection To A Spiritual Experience

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I have been feeling a call back to college physics, but had no idea where my college physics book was. I took our dog around our cul-de-sac for our evening walk before bed. One of my neighbors was renovating their house and donating old items. They stopped me and asked if there were any books I wanted. And the first box I walk up to...what do I find...a college physics book! So I gratefully scooped it up and thumbed through it went I got home.

“All of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed.
- 2 Corinthians 3:18

I woke the next morning with a great metaphor for non-resistance connected to the scientific equation for work. “Work” is defined as “the product of the component of the force along a direction of displacement and the distance of displacement” (W=component of Force x distance of displacement). Hmmm, work, it sure didn’t feel like work when I had this experience of non-resistance. It felt effortless! So if work is to be zero (effortless, but not non-action), then either the force acting or the distance of displacement needs to equal zero. So this became an experiment to try and take something from our material world of science and create a metaphor to explain a subjective spiritual experience.

I began to think of gravity. It is the force that keeps us here weighted down on earth...we can’t escape it’s reality here in the material world. As a spiritual metaphor, our weight can be seen as our shadow side, our ego, or those things we have come to learn from while here in our body. Just like the force of gravity is necessary for our material existence here on earth, our spiritual weight is necessary for our Souls growth and evolution, and the evolution of our planet, which is calling out loud and clear to us in these transition times. But this weight can create a lot of resistance along the way in the form of pain, struggle, war, and poverty just to name a few. Through this pain we evolve to new states of consciousness that gradually leave these old patterns behind. So then, is it possible to evolve and leave these old patterns behind without the pain and struggle, without resistance? I think that is what was being revealed through this dream.

Evolving With Our Weight Through Love & Kindness

So if our spiritual weight as a constant force is a necessary part of our journey just like the force gravity is to our existence, then in order for our work, or evolution to be effortless, the distance of displacement would have to equal zero! In that quiet moment I heard:

“non-resistance = non-displacement”

So, what keeps us in a place of non-displacement? What is this mystery force that keeps us in a state of grace, a state of non-resistance.....simply LOVE. That may be a simple answer, but remembering that awareness within us and our connection to our Source has as many answers as there are people on the planet. We each hold the key! I reflected on how massage and bodywork gave me a loving sense of my physical body and its amazing healing capabilities when set free from limitation and tightness. Vibrational remedies of flowers and animals along with energy work gave me a great appreciation of this whole other part of my being that I AM, this unseen but tangible energy of my subtle bodies that are also part of my health, wholeness, and consciousness. Native American Spirituality brought me back to a loving awareness of our Creator and a connectedness beyond my wildest imagination. Unity’s practical view of Christianity raised my awareness that religion can be a loving approach to this journey when founded in the principles of a loving Source and a loving acceptance of all faiths as serving the greater good. Daily Word magazine has been a constant inspiration and support in reminding me of this loving universe I am apart of. The Angelic Realm too has been a constant support in my ever changing landscape of consciousness through the constant reminder of the love I AM and that I AM apart of.

The one thing these all have in common...a loving approach and view of myself and my world! It is only when we forget this love we are and come from that we experience resistance. The love of non-resistance, of a grounded Oneness with our Source is always present. The resistance energy in consciousness is just that, resistance, not our Source. It’s almost as if everyone is carrying around a weighted wall of resistance, but at our core is the awareness of the love we already are and a remembrance of what it is to bee connected to our Source. The love of non-resistance is always at work breaking down the wall of resistance from both within and from without. To gradually remove these layers of weight brings us back to a remembrance of the love that is our core and reshapes our perception, experience and the place where we are trying to create from in the world:

effect (resistance) or Cause (non-resistance)

In my angelic studies, I came across the book “Talking With Angels” transcribed by Gitta Mallasz. It is a book of notes and dialogues between 4 young people and angels in Hungary during 1943-44. As described by Gitta, and as I have found to be true through my own experience, the book is meant to be read to have your own conscious experience with it. I came across a symbol in the book that looked much like a ground symbol found on electronic equipment and schematics. The dialogue was speaking of resistance in the lower realms and I began to see from my own experience a connection to this symbol and to our lower subtle energy bodies: the physical, emotional, mental and etheric. When these earthly bodies of our consciousness are not remembered as being connected to our Source we experience resistance in our life in the form of physical pain in the body, roller coaster emotions, rigid thinking, and closed off hearts.

The Light that continues to flow and ground here on our material plane is really disturbing these earthly parts of our consciousness but only out of love. It is our wake up call so we can get in alignment with our highest good and remember the love we already are. In recalling my experience with this loving non-resistance, I became aware of a very simple but effective process of grounding the consciousness of my lower bodies here on earth and in love. In doing so, I felt more centered, not tossed about by this sea of new Light coming, and more connected to my higher self, my Soul, to find new and innovative ways to travel through these changing times in peace and harmony.

I have found an order of flow and harmony through this process. Synchronous events continue to move into my life without effort. The accompanying photos and the bible quote from Daily Word came to me with perfect timing for this article. I come back to the verse:
“All of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror,are being transformed”

To connect with our own consciousness and ground in the awareness of the love we inherently are, and that is our Source, is to stand with an unveiled face. When we recognize that love within ourself it will be reflected back to us in the face of another, and it is transforming our lives and our planet. I offer my knowledge and experience to bee of service and help co-create a better world. I give thanks to Creator, The Love Of All That Is, for blessing me with ideas and innovative solutions to remembering the love we are and have always been.

Accepting Ourselves As Loving Beings In A Loving Universe Opens Us to Bee:
A= Awakened
C= Conscious
C= Compassionate
E= Expanded
P= Peaceful
T= Transformed
A= Aware
N= Nurtured
C= Connected
E= Evolved

O= Oriented
F= Free

L= Loved
O= Opened
V= Victorious
E= Empowered
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Move A New Way In The World
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