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 Make her fall

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Make her fall Empty
PostSubject: Make her fall   Make her fall Icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 11:33 pm

It seems to me that there are a lot of men out there who either A) Don't know what a women needs, wants or thinks or B) Plain don't care, or feel that caring would make them less of a man. Assuming you are a male in category A. please keep reading. If on the other hand your in camp B. go back to being a douche bag!
For all the guys who think that women are these complicated, game playing "unreadable" creatures put on this earth to drive you crazy (and not always in the good sense of the word) I offer a simple guide to what women want from you (regardless of what they say!).

Here's how to make any women fall for you, (or fall again) or stop hating your guts if you've been fighting.

Listen to her (with your ears not just your facial expressions). Enough said.
Show affection. Reach for her hand, put yours on her leg, put your hand in the small of her back (we LOVE that).
Give her eye contact. Yes even if you've been together forever, nothing can reignite the spark quite as fast as great eye contact.
Kiss her. Be gentle, eyelids, tip of her nose, forehead, neck, shoulders. Stand behind her when she's making you dinner and move her hair to the side and kiss the back of her neck...even a pissed-off women will let whatever the beef is slide if you use that trick!
Surprise her (even if she says she hates surprises). Catch her off guard, by dancing in the living room, bringing home her favorite wine for dinner, whatever, be creative. Prove that you know your women, these little gestures go a LONG way. Even the little tiny things, most women will see and appreciate the fact that you did something to show you've been paying attention to what she likes.
As a general rule, read her mind. This isn't really that hard to do, honestly (stop laughing!). It's not. Ever get frustrated because she says "one thing but wants another"? It's easy to spot that. If you are observant and know her, and have payed attention to her mannerisms, body language, and how she talks about certain things you will be able to spot when she says one thing but really wants the opposite. Then you can be the hero and be the one guy in her life who got it right! Example: She has been talking about going to this new restaurant down town, she's mentioned it a few times (hopefully you where "ears" listening and not just "face" listening). Saturday night rolls around, you have made plans to "go to dinner and hang out", but you suggest a movie and take-out instead...She says yes, agreeing to a movie and take-out, but gives you the cold shoulder all night. Her body language is annoyed, disappointed and she really just wants you out of her sight. But every time you say "are you SURE? We could go out to dinner..." she still says yes that she's sure. Inside she's thinking "how is it possible that this dude is not understanding that I wanted to go to the new restaurant? Eventually he will SEE how annoyed I am and fix this mess!" I'm telling you, if your the one guy who was paying attention to all her actions, body language, tone of voice and emotions you will nail this! If not that movie night is not gonna end the way you were hopin!
Give her attention. Flatter her. NO WOMEN ON THE PLANET "KNOWS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL" THEREFORE DOESN'T NEED TO BE TOLD! Come on now guys! Tell her. Often! Make her feel sexy, beautiful and the reason your eyes light up. Let her see that.
Appreciate what she does for you. Big or small don't let them slide by without showing your appreciation and gratitude.
Love her more than she loves you. If you do this, and all the above, then she will love YOU more than you love her. So you will both be up shit creek without a paddle. In other words don't be afraid to give that much love. That much of yourself. Be okay with the fact that maybe your the one that gives more, your more vulnerable and exposed. But until your there you cant really really know true love.

The beauty of all this is that you can apply The Law of Attraction here too. You get back what you put in. You get back the love you put out, but it's multiplied. It's like gaining interest on your 401k. If you keep making the deposits you'll keep gaining interest. Put the work into her and she will love you harder and longer than any women has before her. Teach her how to love, be selfless and know that the reward and the payback will be great.
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Make her fall
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