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 Ghost In Arrelano St Philippines

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PostSubject: Ghost In Arrelano St Philippines   Ghost In Arrelano St Philippines Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 10:20 am

Before I get on my personal ghost story, I just want to say that I'm not a person who believe in things that I don't see. I need to experience it my self in order to believe especially in cases such as ghosts. When I was young, I wasn't scared of ghosts (I swear), because I thought they weren't real. But my experiences made me realize that they are real and that they are scary.

At the age of 10 (or was it 11? Sorry I'm not sure bout this) my family (mum, dad and brother) and I moved to koronadal city (part of mindanao, philippines). My father got us a big house. At first, I was happy living in that house since the backyard was wide and there was a shed where I could do all my arts. But strange things started to happen. The first abnormal thing I noticed after staying in that house for long was the cats. Every day there was a different cat coming to the house. But I wasn't bothered by it since I love cats. What bothered me the most was when some one kept walking in our roof. It really sounded like someone's really walking in it. I was a bit scared that time but I still didn't believe it was a ghost and think that it was only a cat even though my mom, dad, brother and the maids kept saying that it was a ghost.

One night I was so absorb with my bead making in the shed that I didn't bother with the time. My brother and our nannies was with me that time. We were happily talking when we heard a walking sound in the roof. Every one fell quite and my brother started running to our older nanny to hug her. The walking lasted long until it stopped in the top of my head. I forced my self to look up and all I could see was the thin mental roof a little bit crumpled which was a sign that a heavy object was on top of it. It shaped so much like a feet though. I started screaming and crying so my other nanny carried me while my other older nanny carried my brother and we ran inside the house. After that I never went back to the shed again.

After a couple of days, I got sick. I was ask to sleep with my parents and so as my lil brother (my mom was scared that the ghost was after us... Believe me its what filipina mothers are). That night was probably the scariest thing happened to me. I think it was about 1 o'clock in the morning... Sorry I can't really remember the time. I woke up because I feel like my head's going to explode. My mother can't sleep with the lights on so the room was so dark. I got up from the sleeping cloth and tried to wake my mom up. I was shaking her gently while calling her name. That's when I heard someone crying. I'm not really sure if it was a gurl's cry or a guy's cry. But in sounded like an angry cry. I can't quite explain it. (I swear I'm having goosebumps right now). I started shaking my mom harshly until she woke up. I told her I hear some one. At first she thought I was just imagining it but after a while she heard it as well. She woke up my dad and he heard the same thing.

My dad got up quickly and he went outside to check. Me and my mom was so scared that we drag my brother out of the room and followed my father. When we got out, cats were everywhere in our living room. Not sure how many, but I could say a lot. My father came back and reported that no one in my cousins or the maids were crying. After that we got in the room again and just lay there in the big bed (the four of us) while waiting for the crying to stop. And it did... After a while though. After that night my father decided to move house. When we got our new house, we found out that the owner of the house in Arellano (koronadal, philippines) actually shot himself in the head.

After living in that house, I started to believe in ghost and I'm very scared of them... If you want to go ghost hunting, I suggest you go in that house. Because the ghost in that house isn't scared of many people what so ever... I swear all I said is true. I wouldn't even believe my self if it was only me who saw it. But I've got many witness who can prove it.
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Ghost In Arrelano St Philippines
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