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PostSubject: Gentle Incubus   Gentle Incubus Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 10:18 am

Please note that this story is somewhat related to the story I have written 'Ghost That Holds You Down', the ghost there could be the same ghost here. In October the 2nd, it was around 3 days before my 16th birthday. I was finishing a homework left by our professor in Zoology, I finished it at 10:06 that night; I was really dizzy and tired and no possible way to think of anything other than to sleep. I changed into some comfortable spaghetti top and really short shorts because by that time it was really hot.

All the while I was changing, I heard some sort of creepy giggling I couldn't trace where. Me being really creeped out, I just left a dimmed lamp on so that I could sleep without fear. It was about 11:42 when I suddenly woke up feeling someone was sitting on the edge of the bed mattress, I went to sleep again but leaving 1/4 of my consciousness sensed on. (I am trained to sleep lightly whenever I want to, please don't make any predicament that it's impossible). My consciousness sensed some sort of presence, not violent or cold, just a presence but not really being there. My consciousness would only last an hour to let something be caught by my senses. It was about 20 minutes that someone or something suddenly laid down very closely beside me (I mostly face only one direction when I sleep, I don't face front much nor face back), it was right behind me; the dimmed lamp made some semi transparent shadow behind me. I assumed it was a man since the shadow I saw was larger than mine. Seeing this, I surely got a wake up call.

This ghost was somewhat combing my hair with its fingers. It was also embracing me within my waist and I could feel something at the rear of my thighs and ankles, as if it was really cuddling me, like it was in love. I wasn't so sure what I would do, I can't use my taekwondo skill now, could I? It wasn't so easy dealing with lost souls or fallen angels. When I tried to move a little, the feeling suddenly disappeared. Now I turned and laid on my back. Now this is the part that got really shocking, this ghost made the room more hot. In my condition, I could stand highly cold temperatures but not hot. I momentarily ignored the ghost and positioned my body more openly so that air could reach through some of my body parts. As in the position in 'Ghost That Holds You Down' it was a the same with a little difference, my legs weren't that apart also my arms. I felt something lingering from my ankles, to my things, to my waist, to the top of my chest, and finally at the left side of my neck. Those areas of my body had a simultaneous feeling of something leaning back and forth...

I felt something enter my... vagina... in and out, simultaneous with the lingering feeling outside my body... I was practically being raped... Unlike the 'Ghost that Holds You Down' story, this one was damned straight real, so real like I was having sex with a real person. I had an orgasm, I couldn't struggle like something was holding down my whole body, but no pain was applied. I WAS a virgin before this constantly happened. I saw the ghost with my eyes wide open. The motion was same but it wasn't as violent as the 'Ghost That Holds You Down' story.

There were nights when it only wanted to rock me to sleep, combing my hair and somewhat massaging a shoulder ache away and at nights when it only wanted to cuddle with me. Although it was unnaturally comforting, I sometimes got a flu or a migraine when I woke up, constantly getting sick. I don't know why I get sick, I'm a healthy person, how could I get easily sick? I guess it's really a mystery...

Thank you for letting me convey this... I want opinions on whether to get this ghost expelled or not. Please comment on this, I really need opinions.
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