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 Attacked by the Damned

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Attacked by the Damned Empty
PostSubject: Attacked by the Damned   Attacked by the Damned Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 9:46 am

December 31, 11:15pm... I was merely sitting in the living room alone; in front of me was a bottle of red wine sitting on the center table. I was entitled to that bottle as it was a present from my grandfather's brother. I sat on the sofa with exhaustion enveloping my conscience. I had finished doing everything for the New Year's festivities: I had set up the fireworks that my father told me to, I helped with the cooking and preparations, and I did the greeting of family relatives and friends to welcome them and so on.

By that time, the night sky was already covered with pre-occasioned fireworks. I felt something very strange in the area of the living room, although it was very faint for my exhaustion had moderately muted it and the outside noise was blocking its effect on me. I did not pay it any mind and decided to open the bottle; as I was reaching for it, a very strong shock in my head repulsed me to stop completely. My vision momentarily blurred but my head was still hurting. A sort of rampage has filled the living room with commotion: the sofa I was sitting on was shaking very hard, and the ceiling fan was as well being shaken by a force, the curtains were flying off even though the windows were closed, the lights flickering while my portrait and other hanged pictures on the wall are being flipped drastically.

"Why are you doing this?!"

I asked with some force left in me. Everything stopped moving, but now that I was electrocuted awake I felt the presence even more clearly than before I paid attention to it. I leaned my back against the sofa and thought that it had stopped completely. Before I knew it, I was being assaulted after the lights went out. I knew he was a man, but even in the pitch black darkness it was like he was a real person. I couldn't fight back and, no matter what, I couldn't scream for help since my father had trained not scream no matter what the pain is.

He was in between my thighs so I wasn't able to kick him anywhere. It wasn't a sexual assault. The fingers of his left hand dug into the right side of my torso, his nails stabbed me forcefully; the fingers of his right hand digging into my left thigh's skin scratching it and injuring my flesh. I felt it as an injury yet I couldn't see if it was really bleeding or not. My movements were limited as his left collarbone pinned my neck on the top side of the sofa's back rest. I couldn't breathe properly as his virile shoulders were very hard. I was losing the very last bit of my strength to stop him.

"Why...are you... Doing - - this...?"

The applied pressure on his collarbone was weakening. He seemed to have leaned his face closer to mine.

"I want to make you feel pain..."

His slightly grudging voice was digging into my ear as how it seemed unearthly.

"I have been damned from entering God's kingdom, let alone still using his name to protect me from evil spirits... I have been suffering all my life as you have been... Do not let this go to your heart forever and leave this anger and enter God's gates... I am certain you will be welcomed there as I can no longer be because of my sins..."

I have said this in my head for quite a number of times but I didn't expect it to be used for an evil spirit.

"Impossible..." His grip tightened. "How can you be damned from entering his kingdom?!"

Once his grip tightened, the air in my lungs skidding in my larynx making installments of moderately toned down moans and cries of pain.

"Please...stop...this... You have no reason... To be Sinning... I've been feeling pain for... 16 years... I...don't...want it... To be...17..."

He wasn't paying attention... I was as good as dead when my mother hadn't called me from the kitchen. He could have done a lot more damage at that position he was in. The lights went on and I saw the places where he scared me were really scrapped and bruised; I had to change clothes so that no one would notice it.

It continues for up until now and his visits are getting more painful and gruesome. Every time I was alone, he would do the same rampage but different forms of assaults in different positions.
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Attacked by the Damned
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