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 Are These Just Mere Coincidences?

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Are These Just Mere Coincidences? Empty
PostSubject: Are These Just Mere Coincidences?   Are These Just Mere Coincidences? Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 9:45 am

I was missing in action for a while. I was busy at work and with my life. By the way, I mentioned on my first story that we are on the process of buying my cousin's house (the one where Abbie, my cousin's deceased wife still visits), we already moved into that house. Let me also tell you guys that I am not like Melinda Gordon, who made the paranormal a part of her daily life. I mean there are years that I do not witness anything paranormal. But I want to share my weird week, this week.

Exactly 7 days ago, I think I got paranoid (with no reason at all, I just felt scared). I was still up at 11 PM watching TV. I went to my room to retire at around 11:15. I was already half asleep-half awake when I "thought" someone was knocking on my door. I ignored it thinking that it was just my imagination. But I heard it the second time, so I looked at the door and I swear I saw a shadow pass by my door. I saw the shadow because we always leave our living room lights on (and our living room is right outside my door). I thought maybe it was mom. So I got up, opened the door and found no one outside my room. I just shrugged my shoulder and went back to bed. Just when I felt comfortable back in my bed, I heard someone washing the dishes. Again, at first I doubted myself, and tried not to think of anything unusual but then I still hear the clanking of the dishes, glasses and other utensils. This went on for about 2 minutes until I could no longer help it. I ran out of my room, knocked like crazy on my mom's door. She asked me what happened to which I replied "I saw a rat in my room" (not so lame excuse maybe). I just didn't feel like telling her at that time. Starting that night I slept with her and my 2 nephews in their room.

Two days later, my mom told me she heard knocks and someone washing the dishes the same night before around the same time I heard mine. I was shocked because it was the same thing at the same time but different people and different night. Until then she was not aware of what I witnessed. After her telling me that, I also told her I experienced that too. And weirdly the following nights it stopped.

On the third night that I slept with them, I woke up at around 3:30 AM because it was so hot, because without us knowing there was a power blackout in the city. So I got back to bed and slept, just then I dreamt of losing a tooth. In our culture, if you dream of losing a tooth it means, someone may die. In my dream I learned that something bad was going to happen I just couldn't pinpoint what it is. Oddly I forgot about my dream until what happened to me this morning. But before that I want to tell you that these past few days, I felt like I became sensitive to "them".

While at work, I always have this feeling of being watched, one time I went to the CR and heard someone in the cubicle, but when I went out no one else was. She cannot get out without me noticing her because I was in the cubicle nearest the door. I try to ignore this feeling thinking I am just hallucinating or what. I just can't believe that I am experiencing this at that rate, like daily. Here's what happened just this morning, three hours ago.

I was on my way to work and for the first time I did not say good bye to my mom, I always tell her I'm leaving when I leave for work. It's just that this morning due to an unknown reason I did not say good bye. For transportation, I ride a jeepney to work. In fact, it takes 2 rides to reach our office. I was about to have my second ride, I was crossing the street through the pedestrian lane when I was hit by a taxicab. I was stunned, shocked, and afraid. The good thing is nothing really happened to me, just a few scratches and an unusable shoe. The people who witnessed in fact told me I was indeed lucky because the taxi just kind of side-swept me. They are even amazed that I was still standing on my feet after what happened. I cannot even believe too.

Now I am just wondering if the things that happened this week are related or are they just coincidences. I am really confused now, I need help. And do you think someone in my family will die, or am I? I really need inputs.
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Are These Just Mere Coincidences?
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