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 A Series Of Unexplainable Events

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A Series Of Unexplainable Events Empty
PostSubject: A Series Of Unexplainable Events   A Series Of Unexplainable Events Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 9:41 am

These are actually three separate stories that happened to me, my manager and another team manager. To save attrition rate of the company and not to tarnish the building's name, I'd keep the name of the company confidential. However, this happened in Eastwood City, Libis.

My experience

I was on my way to work that time, around the 2nd week of April 2011. I work in Eastwood in a call center, as a Human Resource Officer. My shift at that time was 3am until 12 noon. I took the taxi cab from my place and the driver took a route that passes Gilmore Avenue. Once we reached Gilmore Avenue, I noticed a girl trying to hail my cab. Thinking it was just a girl trying to get a cab, I got goose bumps when the cab passed near to the girl - as I saw "her" long black hair and white dress, but I saw no freaking face! Just a black "mask" (best way I can describe). I thought I was the only one who saw it but the driver said, "Chief, nakita mo bay un? (Chief, did you see that?) I said yeah! I looked back and did not see her anymore. I was afraid of looking back at the rear view mirror of the cab as I might see her there.

I don't know if its just my vivid imagination, but I had dreams of "her" (same long black hair, same black face, but now she has a red and a yellow dress) and I even thought she slapped me while I was sleeping.

My Manager and My Rep

Being an HR Officer, I was a middle manager. I have a superior, my HR Manager and a subordinate, my HR Rep. This second story involves them both. Last week, around Friday as they said, this freaky thing happened. My HR Rep was doing her usual paperworks, when suddenly her Avaya (telephone) rang, as our HR Manager was calling (her extension number and name was flashing). My Rep answered the phone and heard my Manager's voice saying "'Lika dito, usap tayo (Come here, let's talk) ". My Rep hurriedly went to the Manager's office but found no one there. Lights were on, doors were open, but no one was there. So she went back to our office and said "Wala naman si Manager eh (Manager's not there) ". Wanting to clarify if indeed she was needed, my Rep texted and called my Manager to ask. To everyone's surprise, my Manager denied everything, and even said she couldn't call that time as she was stuck in the elevator (crammed with employees).

Crazy, huh? My Rep said she heard my Manager's voice exactly but there was some static in the background. My manager asked around if anyone went in her office, but people who were there said no one entered the office except my Rep. She checked her Avaya for any logs, and to her surprise, all logs were cleaned out! We asked Security for a CCTV footage of anybody who went in the office, and to our surprise as well, no one went in. However, at the time the "call" happened, the video footage had some static recorded.

The Team manager's experience

This third instance happened to a friend who is also a Team Manager in the same call center. This also happened last week, when he tried to take a nap in the company's sleeping lounge. He was halfway through sleep and being awake (what do we call this again, lucid?) when he realized he couldn't move. He also felt some difficulty breathing. He said that he felt his body being moved to a sort of fetal position, and he felt somebody carrying him. For everybody's info, this guy is like 6'4" and weighs around 245 lb. He felt this, and he said he wanted to get up but couldn't. He said he was only able to wake up when he bit his lip. As he felt the pain, he was slowly able to gain back control of his body. Once he had full control, he got up and left the lounge.

Guys, I don't know if how this things will be viewed. I am a psychologist, a man of sciences if you would say, but no master's degree could explain the experiences I have and others here have experienced. I believe humans are not the only beings here in our universe. I think there are other planes of existence. I have other stories to tell, however, I'll leave it for the rest of the days, as I am still hoping this one would be published already.
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A Series Of Unexplainable Events
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