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 A New Year Prank

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A New Year Prank Empty
PostSubject: A New Year Prank   A New Year Prank Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 9:39 am

It was Christmas vacation and I was spending New Year's Eve out on the countryside as I usually do. The reason I chill out there is because all my cousins and friends have the most fun when we're all hangin' out together...

Every year, we pull pranks for entertainment but decided not to do so this year as our New Year's resolution.

So me and 3 of my cousins were walking around the neighborhood and were looking up to the skies for fireworks. It was a lot noisier than the previous years since more people decided go back to the countryside to spend time with their families. We felt so bored since there was really nothing much to do, so for suspense, we headed for the huge thick woods bringing only one cellphone and a flashlight.

It was 10:38 and there was still nothing to do, even though we already headed to the freakiest parts of the countryside. A few minutes later, one of my cousins sensed something near one of the trees. She said that she saw something which seemed like a floating entity that had bat-like wings and only had a body, anything below was either concealed or invisible. She said that the unknown being suddenly flew away before she could identify what the "thing" actually was. There was a huge silence between the four of us, which was immediately broken when another one of my cousins started walking without telling why or what the reason was he left us for. He came to a stop when I took a rock and threw it at him. He turned and told us to follow him to where ever he was headed. As soon as he turned around, I felt a cold chill and sweat started to run down through my body.

With the hair at the back of my neck straightened, I followed my cousin with the girls behind me who started to freak out and kept pestering me to take them home. As the eldest of the group, I told them that I wasn't ready to leave behind one of our cousins whose walking blindly to somewhere he has never been before--which was a stupid decision if you ask me...

Meanwhile, back in my friends house, everybody drank beer 'till they all passed out eventually. One of them who sat on a chair was half asleep and half awake hearing scratching noises on the window right next to him. The room was dim, and light from the fireworks showed a shadowy figure behind the window revealing the same floating entity that we saw earlier in the woods. Nervous, he slowly crept to the guys next to him, waking them up one by one and each freaked out about the floating shadowy figure behind the window. They managed to build up the courage to check it out, bringing knives and things to throw at the unknown visitor. Freaked out, they all went together, leaving no one inside but a huge mess from the party.

Suddenly, the phone rang which happened to be one of the girls that were with me when we went to the woods. She had told them that we're lost and afraid inside the woods and was begging them to come and find us. Alert, the floating entity fled and they all ran and followed it to the woods which was very convenient as they were headed there anyway.

We finally caught up to my cousin who stopped and started screaming at the top of his lungs. He wailed as if a ghost had suddenly appeared before him. We saw what seemed to be the missing body part of the floating creature we saw earlier and all ran as fast as we could. Behind us, we heard hard flapping noises and strong gusts of wind that prevented us from going any further since we were all scared to death. Me and my cousins regretted the day we ever set foot on the woods that night. Then we saw the creature once more. It swooped down from above and picked up its missing half. I ran as fast as I could and tried to get help while my cousin stayed with the girls.

I thought that if we ever wanted to get home, I had to run as fast as I could and find as many people I could find. Not long, I bumped into the search group and led them to my cousins. We went home and never mentioned any of the following events to our elderly. We figured that they wouldn't believe us if we had told them anyway, and more importantly, get in hell of alot'a trouble if we told them we went to the woods at night...alone.

Whatever happened that night, we kept to ourselves. We never mentioned anything to anyone cuz, who'd believe a couple of teens who got drunk in the middle of the night anyway? Right?

Still, everything we saw that night was real. I was not drunk nor were my cousins who came with me to the woods in the night of that event. We believe that the creature is called a "Mananaggal" which is described in Filipino folklore as an in-human creature that takes the form of a human by day, and grows bat-like wings at night. Splitting the body in half, it leaves the lower part hidden somewhere and flies off to feed on fresh meat, poultry, and sometimes human flesh. So don't think that my story's fake, cause there's a lot of this events that's happened in the past snd still happen to this day.

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A New Year Prank
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