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 A House Of Doppelgangers

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PostSubject: A House Of Doppelgangers   A House Of Doppelgangers Icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 9:37 am

My brothers and I have been living in our townhouse for 8 years now, ever since I entered college and my brothers entered high school in an exclusive school in Quezon City, Philippines. Our townhouse is only a 10-minute-walk away from the school, which is very convenient for us. However, because our family business is in the province, my parents have to live there while my brothers and I live in our townhouse alone.

Several incidents happened in our house which we chose to ignore. In one instance, when my dad paid us a visit, he and my brother were in the kitchen. My brother was washing dishes while my dad was chopping vegetables for lunch. They were both facing the wall, their heads turned away from the door leading to the wash room at the end of the kitchen. From behind them they heard my voice say, "Pagamit ng C.R. Ha," which is Tagalog for "May I use the rest room?" My brother answered back, "What's wrong with you?" because he was surprised I was asking permission in our own house. They both turned around and saw no one. They checked the bathroom - it was empty. They went around the house - I wasn't there. I received a call in my cell from my brother that day, asking where I was. I was at work the whole time. But my brother and father were both certain it was my voice they heard.

The second incident was more creepy, because I myself experienced it. I was leaving for work, my youngest brother was already in school while my younger brother was in his room. I stepped out the door and stood by the front steps locking the door with my keys. Suddenly I heard MY voice in the living room calling my brother's name: "Rap, baba ka!" (Translation: Rap, come down here!) I fumbled with my keys and tried to open the door, except this time the locks won't open. I heard my brother running down the stairs so I went to the window to see what will happen. The living room was empty. My brother opened the door for me and asked why I was calling him. I told him it wasn't me calling him and he couldn't believe it. After telling the story again, I left him to go to work.

The third incident happened in my room, more than a year after the second incident. I woke up in the middle of the night - which always happens to me. The first thing I did is check my bedside clock (which I always check when I wake up in the middle of the night for comparison), it was 2:00 in the morning. At the corner of my is a full length mirror which normally faces and reflects the image of my bedroom door. After checking my clock I checked my mirror and saw myself standing and staring at myself in a deadpan way. At first I thought I was looking at my reflection and I even asked myself in my mind, "Why the hell am I sleeping standing up?" But then I felt the bed and knew I was lying down. After a few seconds of staring at my standing reflection, I turned to the other side of the bed and decided to just ignore it.

The last incident did not happen to me but to my youngest brother, who has always been in touch with the supernatural. It happened just last year, 2007. According to him, he woke up at 5 am and took a bath for school. While getting dressed he noticed that his reflection in the mirror was grinning at him though he wasn't smiling at all. He got scared and decided to go to school though it was too early. When he was locking the door, he practically screamed when he saw his own head grinning at him from his right shoulder. He walked to school, the whole time with the grinning face that looks like him on his right shoulder which he could see through his peripheral vision. On the way to school, he passed by some shops and saw his reflection with still grinning at him. He noted that although his reflection looks like him exactly, the eyes were somewhat different.

My brother chose to ignore the doppelganger who stayed with him at school the whole day.
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A House Of Doppelgangers
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