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 Heart touching Love Story

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Heart touching Love Story Empty
PostSubject: Heart touching Love Story   Heart touching Love Story Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:58 pm

Today I am going to tell a strange love story which you may ask sad story. It is quite different because mostly love stories belong to a couple but this short love story is a love triangle which started from a kind of hatred and ended at a very heart touching love story and sad point.
This is a family story in which all the characters belong to same family. It is a story of some cousins who went to a university for higher studies but some of them got some other experiments. The story starts with the arrival of a group containing 3 boys and 4 girls at University.
All cousins came here for higher studies. Ahmad was only son of his parents, Sana and Fatima were sisters. They were all studying in commerce department. Zaryab and Fatima were the most brilliant among all of the cousins. They always got prominent position in every field. They always stay together.
Zaryab’s sisters also like Fatima very much. They were good friends of hers. Most of time, Fatima noticed that Zaryab looks at him with very passionate emotions. She was afraid of his enchanting eyes. She always thought that she would be his good friend but Zaryab was thinking something very far.
Zaryab was in love with Fatima but she was not aware of this truth. One day there was a farewell party in the University’s premises. Zaryab sent a gift of a dress to Fatima and a letter also. She accepted the gift and read the letter. In this letter Zaryab had confessed his silent love with Fatima. Fatima was happy but a little bit nervous. She wore her first gift of his beloved and joined the gathering.
She was extra ordinary beautiful. Everyone was looking at her. Zaryab noticed that all the boys were staring at Fatima. He became violent and caught Fatima’s arm and dragged her into her room and very aggressively said her to stay away from such gatherings. She was very hurt at his behavior.
After two years they were all taking their final exams and making plans for the holidays. Zaryab and Fatima were planning for their marriage. Zaryab’s sisters were also very excited to know that they were going to get such a nice and beautiful girl as their sister-in-law. All cousins were happy except Ahmad.
He was very jealous of Zaryab’s achievements. He wanted to get everything which Zaryab liked. When he came to know that Zaryab loved Fatima then he made a decision that he would never allow Zaryab to get married with Fatima. When they all returned to their home there was a sight of great celebration. Their house was decorated with lights. They all were living in one house.
There was joint family system and their fathers were real brothers. They all lived happily in the house. All cousins were happy that now Zaryab and Fatima would get married soon. But their happiness vanished when they heard the shocking news that Fatima was getting married with Ahmad. They all were stunned to hear the news. In short, it was decision of their parents and they all have to accept this.
They all were sad that why it was happening so. They asked Fatima but she refused to tell anything. After a week their engagement was arranged and they get arranged. After one month the wedding date was decided. All cousins were silent and there was no sign of happiness at their faces but their elders were very happy.
At last Fatima got married with Ahmad. After marriage Ahmad came closer to Fatima then he came to know that Fatima was very nice and sincere girl. She loved Zaryab very much but after marriage she never made Ahmad feel that she liked someone else. She was totally sincere to him. Ahmad was very much impressed by her behavior.
Now Ahmad wanted to know that how Zaryab felt for him. For this purpose he started a business with the collaboration of Zaryab. They came closer and Ahmad came to know that Zaryab loved Fatima very much but he had nothing bad for Ahmad in his heart. This thing made him very embarrassed. With the passage of time they became fast friends.
Ahmad fall in love with Fatima with the passage of time and his love changed into craze. He could never think of doing anything wrong to Fatima and to those people who loved Fatima. All family members were insisting Zaryab to get married.
One day Ahmad and Zaryab went for hunting to their jungle. There Zaryab told Ahmad that he was going to marry with his parent’s choice. Ahmad looked at him in great rage. But Zaryab was looking in space. Suddenly a sound of gun shot was heard and Zaryab’s body was down with huge blood.
There was a wailing in the house. Every one was weeping at the death of Zaryab. Nobody knew that what happened to him. Everybody knew that Ahmad carried him to house from jungle. After that Zaryab was buried. The secret of his death was also buried with him.
One day Fatima was very sad to remember Zaryab. Ahmad was very disturbed to see her. At last he revealed the secret of Zaryab’s death. He told Fatima that he had killed Zaryab because he was going to leave Fatima. And he could not allow the person who loved his Fatima to get involved with some one else.
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Heart touching Love Story
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