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 Love is not a weakness but a power

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Love is not a weakness but a power Empty
PostSubject: Love is not a weakness but a power   Love is not a weakness but a power Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:58 pm

Today I am going to tell you a short love story which having the taste of heart touching love story along-with a great moral of doing love. Its basically a moral love story. Hope you would enjoy this love story and remember whole life along-with other love stories.
Sana was born in a rich family. It will right to say that she was born with a golden spoon in her mouth. Her father was recognized business man of that time. She was the only child of her parents. Her parents loved her so much that they wanted to provide her every pleasure of the world.
In Sana’s house there was a maid whose son also came with her. Sana used to play with that boy. But her parents did not like all this. They threatened their maid to control her boy. She was a poor widow and had three children. She was so poor that she did not want to lose her job so she decided to leave her son at home.

Sana was habitual of her maid’s son so next day when she came without her son Sana was much shocked. She was only 10 years then but she was very attached to Ahmad. That was the name of her maid’s son. She asked her why she did not bring Ahmad with her. Sakeena made an excuse that he was ill so she did not bring him with her. Sana was very anxious to see him. She wanted to go to her maid’s house but her parents did not allow her to go.
One week passed but Ahmad did not come. Sana was very sad. One day Sana did not get up at her regular time. Her mother went to her room and saw that Sana was suffering with high fever. Her mother sent for doctor. But no treatment was affecting. Her mother was very worried. When Sana had no recovery then doctor advised her mother that they should call her friends to play with her. Then her mother realized that her daughter had no friend except Ahmad.
Now Sana’s mother was compelled to call Ahmad at her home. When Ahmad came Sana was very happy and she began to recover. Soon she was completely recovered. Time passed and their friendship grew thicker and thicker. It was a surprising thing for both Sana and Ahmad’s parents that they had no friend except each other. 10 years passed and now Sana was doing her graduation and Ahmad was completing his engineering and also a part time job.
One day Sana was sitting in her TV lounge when her father came and called her mother. Her mother came and he told her that one of his friends wanted to have Sana as his daughter-in-law. This news was a shock for Sana. When she heard the news she became restless. She did not know that why she was restless but she was really much upset. She wanted to tell this news to Ahmad.
She met Ahmad and told him everything. Ahmad was also very disturbed to hear the news. Both of them did not know why they were feeling so. They did not bear any other person between their friendship. Both of them were very possessive about each other. Sana was sitting in her room when her mother came. Her mother was noticing her condition for many days. She asked her about her problem. Then Sana asked mother if you like a person and you can not think anything without that person then what is the reason that you give so much importance to that person.
Her mother told her briefly that it means you love that person and the person whom you love matters a lot for you. That’s why you don’t think anything else. Then Sana realized that she loved Ahmad. She decided to tell Ahmad everything. She wanted to spend her whole life with him. Then she invited him on dinner in a restaurant. When Ahmad came she told him that she loved him. Ahmad was very happy to hear this because he also wanted to say this to her. They were feeling like heaven to have each other.
Sana told Ahmad that she was going to tell her parents about them but Ahmad was much disturbed because he knew that there was a very large difference of status among their families. Her mother had been a maid of her house for years. He was afraid if her parents refused him then what would he do. So he stopped Sana to tell her parents but Sana told him that her parents were going to fix her engagement. So Ahmad agreed.
After returning from the dinner Sana went to her mother and told her about her relation with Ahmad. Her mother got furious and slapped Sana. Sana was very surprised because her mother never touched her like this. She was shocked. She could not sum up her strength for long time. Her mother scolded her badly. But she did not care for any thing. She was determined about her decision.
Sana’s mother told her father and her father became very furious too. He decided to kill Ahmad. He sent some thugs to kill Ahmad but they could not succeed to kill him but he was seriously injured. When Sana came to know that her father attempted to kill Ahmad then she committed suicide. But fortunately she was also saved.
Her parents were very much disturbed at her action. After all they knelt down and agreed to marry her with Ahmad. But her father put a condition before Ahmad that he must have a good job and a beautiful house for their daughter within 5 years. So Ahmad promised to do all this. Ahmad struggled very hard. Sana was so much pleased at her parent’s decision.
But she was worried that Ahmad was struggling very hard and she knew that he was doing all this for her sake. So she decided to share his burden. After completing her studies she found a job and left her parents home because she wanted to live like Ahmad.
She thought that it was not good that her beloved was struggling so hard and she enjoyed luxuries of life. So she left her parent’s house and began to live in a hostel. She was doing job. They struggled very hard to meet their love. After all, their efforts proved fruitful and Ahmad got a very high post in an international company. Soon he became manager of the company.
After 5 years Sana and Ahmad returned to their house. Ahmad was now the manager of the biggest company and Sana was a famous journalist. Now Sana’s parent’s have no objection on their relation. So they allowed them to get married. They got married and lived happily thereafter.
You see love not only meet two people but also give strength to achieve your goals. They not only found their love but they also attained a good life. Love is not a weakness but a power. Whenever you feel that you are gonna weak in your decisions then think of this moral love story and make your love your power because Love is the greatest power of this universe.
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Love is not a weakness but a power
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