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PostSubject: LOVE IN GRAVE   LOVE IN GRAVE Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:48 pm

Dark clouds were thundering again, in the lonely and dreadful rainy night a beautiful girl was running away on a broken road .She was crying madly “talk with me you can’t leave me you can’t leave me……”
Someone has spoken truth “You never chose the Love, Love choose you” She was selected by Love……..
She was crying, her tears were falling on the road like rain drops on the earth. Suddenly graveyard started.
It was the place where she had lost her love. It was the incident before 2 weeks ago. She lived in joint family with her cousins and the other relatives. Her father had many enemies because he was in police. Ali and Umar were her two cousins. Ali loved here but her marriage had arranged with Umar from her parents. Her marriage was fixed on 25th July with Umar. Umar was out of city for some marriage shopping. She liked him but she was not in love with him. During these days her father caught a very dangerous suicide bomber for which his gang gave many threats to her father. No one knew the results but security was very tight.

One day she went to bazaar with Ali to do some shopping……During shopping whole sky was filled with black clouds….Ali was watching the clouds’ then watch her ….a pain raised from his heart …..He was thinking that after few days he would lost her love …no, he was thinking that he still loved her and kept loving her till his death even when hi would in the grave…..But how…As grave and death came in his mind he became upset…..He wanted to see her love whole life because when he loved her he got huge satisfaction, he could not lose his satisfaction so he did not like the death and he didn’t like the grave.. But he did not know the fate was smiling on him.…..
Many drops fall on his face. He released his all thoughts and ran towards her Love…to ask her to hurry up and ready for home…She felt that Ali was very silent during journey. Before 4 Kilometers of the home she felt two men with Pistols were chasing them on a bike. She told Ali, he rod the bike faster. Suddenly bike lost the balance and they fell down.
heart touching love stories
He caught her hand and ran away on the same road right now she was running there in the heavy rain. Suddenly graveyard started the other two men were still after them with the torch. Nothing was seen in this dark night because of rain. They both fell down in the deep grave which was defected by rain. Ali caught her in his two hands strictly during this some hard thing badly injured him but he did not care about all his pains. This time these were the most beautiful moments of his life. He thought in the dreams that he embraced her love. He was deeply hypnotized by his love feelings. On the other side she was also shocked and felt that their hearts had exchanged their beats. Ali decided to stop them. She was still holding his chest and shoulders because of fear and cold rainy winter.
After some time Ali picked her cell phone and called the Uncle Jabbar. Hello Hello Uncle I am Ali….Ohhh where are you? We all were warned about you…Ali, “Uncle some people want to kill us. Please come for help….
Uncle, “Son where are you….??? Ali, “We are in the graveyard some unknown place…hello hello…….
Teen Teen…. Battery Down ….Oh shit….
Ali decided for waiting his priority to save his love. She was weeping continuously and holding him strictly. But….at that time a huge black snake came slowly and bit Ali. But he didn’t feel any pain in front of love feelings. They spent 15 minutes in the grave, her hairs were again and again touching Ali’s face. He never thought that he would pass his most valuable moments of life in the grave.
Suddenly police van siren listened as they had reached near. She came out of grave and shouted. Her father came and police men. But Ali did not come out of grave. When policemen picked Ali out of grave …He was dead by snake bite. She was fainted to see this.
After 10 days her father organized simple function of his marriage. But now the situation was not same, she could never forget that night when she felt Ali’s silent love. Now in the dress of bride she ran towards Ali’s grave. She reached at the grave. She was crying bitterly, “Ali talk to me I am your bride. Please you can never left me alone Ali”….slowly slowly her voice stopped. Umar was after his bride to see where she was going. But when he reached at Ali’s grave he found her dead body. He also wept to see this. He put her on his hands and returned to home… He was thinking that what love she did….How true!
You are thinking about that girl what was her name, but there is nothing in the name …Because Love has no name…..No place to do….No boundaries.
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