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 Love or Deception?

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Love or Deception? Empty
PostSubject: Love or Deception?   Love or Deception? Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:45 pm

It was totally madness. I was mad about her. She knew about me I Loved her but
She ignored me on the every corner of the life. This story is about the madness of my love, how destroyed my love in my life…..
What a rainy evening was that time. I was the student of 3rd year. I didn’t know what was Love, how to do love, what are the stages of love. In other word you can say I lived in my own world where I was spending my life with my style. Rainy session started the joy ness of the rain I felt always like a new life.
When the drops of rain threw on my face form sky I felt some changes in my inner soul. But I didn’t know what that was, then suddenly I realized someone was watching me. I saw on the other side she was smiling she was playing with her full passion. I just smiled and waved my hand towards her.
Ahhhhhh… With the passage of time I was taking interest in her. So, I decided I would know about her. After few days struggle I came to know that she was the student of 2nd year, and she was a paying guest here in my city. I often came to meet her, in her street she came on her roof and I stood under the roof on the front of her flat. Days changed into weeks… weeks converted into months… I was falling in love with her.
Her name was Aini. Her face looked like a bright sun, eyes having great attraction. Oh my GOD I can’t explain into my simple words. I was going on the road of love but she didn’t know about this strange situation. We talked to each other on phone at weekend when she went to her home. On that night I felt I got every kind of pleasure in my life I achieved my goal of life. My emotions were growing for her…. I was spending my days in such this bull shit condition. I wanted to realize her that I love her. I wanted to say her that I love you AINI.. but she was not taking me seriously…
I remembered that day when we were talking to each other then suddenly I asked her, “AINI! Do you like me?” She took a pause and said, “How could you think that I love you. We are just friends. We can be good friends but not as lovers. Her words changed my mind. I couldn’t bear these words. These words were echoing in my ears again and again.
But that was fact. After few days I said her again, “Hey please I really love you. Believe me I really love you..” She again refused and said ,”John my dear! I can’t love you.” I asked her that why she could not love me? I asked her if she loved someone else. But she said no, and then I said why she didn’t love me. She just smiled and said that she can’t.. in this case of love I was arguing for my love. I wept and showed my painful tears in front her…but my tears were totally wrong because she did not love me..
Days were spending. One day my friend came to my home and told me, “John! AINI loves someone.” I couldn’t believe. Those words were blasting in my mind
I decided to investigate about her. When I went in the depth of this matter I came to know that she was not an innocent girl. As I thought about her she was totally changed. I met her boyfriends. I told him every thing about AINI. He was also astonished to hear about this. Then we concluded that it was her hobby to play with the emotions of boys. She was fond to play with feelings, emotions and true heartbeats…….
After this matter, sometimes I remember AINI with some respect and some hate. I respect her because she gave me an experience to judge people. And I hate, because I loved her….
I loved her…
It was my MADNESS I love her
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Love or Deception?
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