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 Love, The name of Sacrifice

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Love, The name of Sacrifice Empty
PostSubject: Love, The name of Sacrifice   Love, The name of Sacrifice Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:44 pm

“What! Have you gone mad?” Mrs. Ahmad was shouting at her son. “Yes mom, I have gone mad. But please don’t force me I can’t marry Aamna. It’s a request. Please don’t ask any more questions.” He said. “But Sameer you chose Aamna with your own will. What has happened now?” She asked. “Nothing happened. I have said you before that please no more questions. I have no answer.” He said and left the room.

Mrs. Ahmad was shocked at her son’s decision. She was thinking about the embarrassment which they were going face due to their son. After two days he was getting married but now he was refusing to marry. She was very much disturbed. She began to think about the past. Three months ago her son, Sameer’s elder brother had died in an accident. She was hardly recovered from that incident that her younger son was creating another problem.
Mrs. Ahmad asked Sameer for many times but he replied same. Next he came home with a girl and said to his mother, “Mom! Meet your daughter-in-law.” Mrs. Ahmad was about to lost her senses. She hardly controlled herself. She scolded him very badly but he didn’t care for anything. He guided her wife to his room and left home. Mrs. Ahmad went to his son’s room and asked that girl about their marriage. But she did not reply. Even she didn’t a single word. Mrs. Ahmad returned disappointedly.
Sameer didn’t go to his room that night. He was in his study room. He noticed that his mother’s room’s light was still on. He thought about the anxiety of his mother. But he said nothing to his mother. Mrs. Ahmad was in great trouble. She was thinking about that day when she would tell about the decision of her son to bride’s family. She wanted to talk to Maria; her would be daughter-in-law, who was a very nice and understanding girl.
Mrs. Ahmad was very happy at her son’s choice. Maria was exactly a perfect daughter-in-law. She was liked by all family of Sameer. She was very beautiful, intelligent, highly educated and well behaved. She was very innocent too. The quality which made her very special in her mother-in-law’s eyes was that she was greatly in love with Sameer. Maria belonged to a very rich and high class family. She had left her house for the sake of her love.
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She not only left her house but she also left all the luxuries and her personal bank balances which she had. She left everything for Sameer. That’s why Sameer’s mother liked and loved her very much. Because she knew that this girl was perfect for her son. So she with great struggle and hard worked agreed Maria’s parents for this marriage. Mrs. Ahmad was very much disturbed. At last she called Maria. Maria picked her phone. Mrs. Ahmad said, “Maria! I want to meet you now.” Maria agreed and put the receiver to cradle.
Maria was at Sameer’s house at 2:30 am. Mrs. Ahmad was apologizing her for her son’s behavior. She was telling her about her son’s decision. But Maria was not sad. Mrs. Ahmad was very much surprised at her behavior. She was much surprised whey Maria told her that she knew everything about this. Even she made Sameer Agree to marry Faiza. “But why did you do so?” asked Mrs. Ahmad. Then Sameer entered her mother’s room and told her that Faiza was his late brother’s girlfriend. One day Faiza called Sameer and told him that she wanted to meet him. Sameer told Maria and both of them went to meet her. Faiza told them that she was pregnant and Sameer’s brother was going to take her to his home. But God did not allow him to do so. So she was going to commit suicide but both of them saved her.
Then Maria proposed that Sameer should marry Faiza. But Sameer was not agreed. Maria requested him and she made him agree at this decision. So Sameer married to Faiza to save her family’s name all because of Maria because he loved Maria so much. He told Faiza that he would never make any relation with her because he could not think about any other woman except Maria.
When Mrs. Ahmad heard all this she embraced Maria and said her that she loved her even more than before because she had saved her family’s reputation. Maria was a great girl in her view now.
Now it has proved that love is not a materialistic thing only but it is a virtual spirit which can take a man beyond the materialistic benefits so people can get true happiness in their relationships.
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Love, The name of Sacrifice
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