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 Love in Quiet

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PostSubject: Love in Quiet   Love in Quiet Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:43 pm

Normally love stories base on some interesting or emotional topic in which someone try to find his love. But this is a strange story in which both the lovers do not tell each other and wait for each other but their love has not happy ending. This story revolves around a DVD store. Where both of them meet and their story also ends at the same store.
Tina was a sales girl on a DVD store. She was a very efficient and hard working worker of Galaxy DVD Mart. She was working there for five years. Her Boss was very much happy about her work and considered her his daughter. He was also a very kind hearten person. She respected him a lot.
One day she was busy in her daily routine then a handsome young man entered the DVD store. He was searching some collection of love music. He was busy in looking the DVDs then he heard a very sweet voice, “May I help you sir?” He turned back and he could not keep away his eyes from that beautiful and innocent face. She was Tina who was asking to help him. Her fair complexion, Wide Brown eyes and beautifully shaped red lips captured his all attention to them. He was totally mesmerized.
Tina was also very impressed by his dashing personality. He was very handsome young man of thirty. He had brown hair, wide forehead, fair complexion and light brown very bright eyes. Tina was also very impressed. Tina was greatly shocked to see such a handsome man there.
When John returned back to his house her thoughts were revolving around Tina. He could not make his mind free of her thoughts. Tina had fully captured his mind and heart. He was feeling her everywhere. Next day he again went to the DVD store. As such he had nothing to buy from the shop but he wanted to meet Tina.
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Then he bought a DVD and returned back. Now it had become his routine that he went to the DVD Mart and bought a DVD which Tina chose for him. Tina also liked her company very much. They were falling in love with each other. But both of them were afraid of telling each other.
Their quiet love was growing day by day but both of them were ignorant of each other’s feelings. John wanted to tell her and Tina also wanted to tell him but they could not sum up courage to confess their love.
One day Tina was thinking that why John was not proposing her. She was waiting for John in her shop but he didn’t come at his usual time. She became restless. When John didn’t come she went to his house. When she reached there she was shocked to see that there was a funeral ceremony of John.
He had died in an accident. But he had left a letter for Tina in which he had confessed his quiet love. He wrote that he was afraid that if Tina would refuse her then he would not live with out her so he didn’t tell her that he loved her too much. Tina was very surprised to read the letter because she had told her in the second meeting that she was greatly in love with him. She put a letter in the DVD cover for him every time. But now she came to know that he never watched the DVDs. He had no interest in DVDs but he visited the shop only for Tina. Tina was sorrowful but she couldn’t do anything now.
So it is better to tell your loved one that you love him/her before it becomes so late.
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Love in Quiet
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