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 Miracle of True Love

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PostSubject: Miracle of True Love   Miracle of True Love Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:42 pm

Jenifer was in trouble. Tears were one bye one felling down from her eyes and she was thinking about her beloved James. Can somebody changed so much? Why he loved me if he is not serious?
Why? Why? Why? This word again and again came into her mind and disturbed her. She slept away with these thoughts.
They both were friends from the childhood. They were playing together, they went school together. After childhood they entered into youth. Once a time some criminals stole her purse and pushed her down. James ran after them and bit them very much after catching him. At that time 1st time he felt love for
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Jenifer and he told her after a warm hug. From that day everyone felt a lovely smile on Jenifer’s face which was never seen before.
James father was a worker of Toyota and he was outside the city. He lived in the factory homes, while Jenifer’s father had his shop of jewelry. Both loves were very innocent.
BUT Some one has said “If you face no difficulty you don’t have the taste of true love”
Mr. Brown was not happy on her love with james.James’s father tried very hard to convince Mr. Brown for their marriage but he denied and fixed the marriage of Jenifer with someone else. When James knew about that he did some un certain thing. James accepted ISLAM. And he completely changed. Now he got up early in the morning at 3:00 am and says the prayers. He stopped to talk with Jenifer but he was still in love with her. He knew that he could never forget her love that was innocent. Once a time when he was praying he wept in front of GOD he was totally broken hearted. He prayed that Oh GOD please gave me my LOVE. He was remembering the days when they were both together went for the trip and first time there he kissed her. Then they were children but he still could not forget. He was truly repenting on his all sins which he had done already. He was praying Please GOD give me any punishment but give me my love. He was much disheart but he had belief in GOD. After one day his love was going to marry someone else but he was praying continuously
At same time on the other side Jenifer woke up. There was no sleep in her eyes but her eyes were full of tears because of James. She was thinking how James changed so much. Why he did not insist to run away from home while he was still in love with her. She thought that his attitude reflected his change. She came at roof for some fresh air and she saw the home of James OH MY GOD. What she saw that James was praying and tears were visible on his face. She heard his all prayers. A lovely smile was again on her face now she came back to room and slept. Now she was ready for her marriage because she knew that James could never forget her.
The next day all preparations were done but at the time of marriage family of boy demanded a large amount which was not affordable. Mr. Brown was very worried. He never thought that something could happen like this. He was very upset at same time father of James came near and said something in his ears .They both smiled. Mr. Brown pushed those greedy people from hall and announced that the program has changed now my daughter is bride of James. GOD did his part of work. James father called James and he was weeping badly “But these tears were not in grief but these were of Happiness”
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Miracle of True Love
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