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 My Unbelievable Love Story

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My Unbelievable Love Story Empty
PostSubject: My Unbelievable Love Story   My Unbelievable Love Story Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:32 pm

I am vijay and I am studying in spoorthy engg hyd. i don’t like jeans and ladies who wear jeans.i saw a girl on orientation program of our college she was very cool and wearing jeans just i saw her, on that day i was in bad day she came in choodidar actually i was complete my education up to +2intermediate in boys i was very shy to talk her and to see her .everyday i am sighting at her.
luckily we were both in same college but our bus stops were different. she was from kothapet and i was from b.n.reddy . every time I got into the bus I searched for her in the bus. It was college bus but it was like RTC bus. The late people had to stand in the bus. Because I was very shy but standing in the bus i was searching for her.
one day i was searching but i did not get her and i stood after some time someone’s hand touched me and i turned to see who was that and she was there so i felt happy. I got her number after many days. it was exactly December 2008 31 12o’clock that time i made a call to her. she was not attending. i gave as possible missed calls. next day i called her and asked ,are u sleep early in the night ,i was calling you in the last night. she asked who is this and i am if u can find me. then i said happy new year i am asking return she said happy new year.
After that in dasara holidays my father’s friend was taking a class to me u have to study well like this. That time she called. i sent a message i will call u back. next day she gave a message
she:who is this?
me: if u can find me
she: nee abba cheptava cheppava
me: amma neee. boothula naaku vastai kani nuvvu thttukolevu
she: name cheppochukada
me: i think u have message balance but i am not. and here no available of recharge cards ok byee.
Due to mobile problem i took new mobile new SIM. in the college every day i was seeing at her she was smiling at me and i was smiling. like these days were going. i was crazy about her you know i could not eat anything where she was in my mind. sometimes i went to college just for to see her and someday when i was not interested to go college then i was doing trips by auto at her stop.
In the evening i went to the college to see her. like these stupid feelings and shyness i have. No communication was between us. The exam war came after this i have two back locks. After one year every one was saying to forget her and also commenting as true lover . I got many quarrels because of her among my friends and me.
my senior was there Deerendra he was also trying for her he was talking too much with her. i didn’t mind all these things because i know i was truly loving her and i was strongly believe in that was when we were trying for any thing truly it would be yours. and i believe i am only the man who loved sneha truly and i know i can give the love to her only.
In above lines i said that i make a called her that mobile was blocked due to some reasons now it was with my sister. In third year i conformed she don’t love me. And everyone was saying i thought she was loving Deerendar not me. sometimes i suffered by seeing many films like aarya i missed her. And i felt very guilty because i thought she did not love me and loved someone else means Deerendar. In the college when i saw her i not in my world getting tensed in every exam she looking at me with smile.
Now i was completed third year. We were in semester holidays. so boring that time me and my sister were playing a game for time pass. she wanted to say something. she was looking at me and said vijay want to say some thing. i said go on. she said no i will tell tomorrow
me:why say now
sister: no i will tell tomorrow
me:say now ok
sister:in our house a thing is happened about you.
me:what is that
sister: no i will tell tomorrow
me:ok tell me now
sister:she said a girl send ‘i love u’ to your virgin mobile.
me:i was shocked and asking who is that
me:i was excited i cant believe that
sister:she send this from five days
me:i ask when it happened
sister:when i was in eight class
now she completed her s.s.c.
why don’t u tell this that time.
sister:i was afraid
and she said that my elder sister and younger sister also knew this
they said don’t tell this to vijay ,and my elder sister deleted all messages like this way she said all to me
sister:i don’t know you were serious about it
Now in my college a rumor was there that sneha was engaged with deerendar.
I felt very happy because she proposed and also felt very sad because it was very longtime and too late.that night i made a call to sneha and asked this is Vijay ece 3rd do u remember ,she replied i don’t know who r u. I was giving missed calls to talk to her from two days at last she sent a message. tell me what’s your problem i said i have to talk to you. can you come out side for me for 10 minutes. i don’t want to come out no change in that if you want to say something say now i simply cut the call. now i was waiting for college opening for fourth year.
In these days i didn’t talk to her because it was not good i mean the love is not good at this stage and i made many ambitions. Sometimes ambitions will raise and also can get down because of love. she was loving me because she loved me and i didn’t want to miss her now.i have one path only that is i have to take rounds around her till she accept
see how the twist came i felt it was good and i always feel everything is for our goodness.
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My Unbelievable Love Story
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