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 Waiting will never End

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Waiting will never End Empty
PostSubject: Waiting will never End   Waiting will never End Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:31 pm

We were staying in a co-ed hostel of an engineering college in Pune. I was a real flirt and I never believed in love earlier before I met her.
In Pune, girls cover themselves entirely due to the scorching heat. First time, I only saw her eyes and it is still in my memory. I was a music freak and she loved my songs. Neither she saw me nor I. However she used to recognize me by my voice and I used to recognize by her eyes.
All the girls of the college were my friends except her. She was different. In the last year, when the final results were commenced, juniors threw a farewell party to us. In that party, I asked one of her friend named Aarti about her and she said that Madhu is getting married. I asked,’Now you have passed . Will you get married or do some job?’
I went to USA as I got a job in HP. One day I called Aarti to know about all of my college friends and she suddenly said that the guy did not marry Madhu even after getting engaged to her. I am still unaware of the non-curable pain that ran through me after listening to this. I took one month leave and went to Pune. I went to the girl’s hostel at Kothrud where she was staying for her job after her break up. For the first time I spoke to her and Aarti took me there. We met and suddenly I said,’don’t worry. come to US with me and I will take care of you as Raaj’. Aarti said,’Have you started flirting again?’. She spoke to her parents and both of us flew to US.
We started staying together. i was 3 years junior to her. We became best friends. I used to watch her sleep everyday. She slept on my lap and it was her regular routine. Every morning, I woke up early to prepare breakfast. Every evening we used to go shopping. Being a Marathi Brahmin, she used to treat me only as her best friend. But my love got intense and whenever I offered prayers, her face came in front of me. I could not say her anything.
Her love was possessive but intense which I could feel. Her eyes reflected her love. Our relation was so pure that even after staying with each other, we did not have any physical relation. She knew that her family will not agree. Her parents were already broken as the earlier guy ditched her and this time if she would have hurted her parents, they would have died.
Our eyes revealed our love and our care for each other proved the intense depth of love.
She was with me for seven months and then all of a sudden her parents call her in Pune and fortunately I got transferred to Pune Hp as well. I don’t know how.
She got engaged with a guy and at last she got married on 30th December. I broke into pieces. She never said anything to me ever but I used to tell her ‘I love you my best friend’. I was neither a drunkard nor a smoker’ but at last life gifted those habits.
She is happily married now but still we are best friends and we will be forever. She loves her husband a lot. She is a perfect woman. Her feelings has a depth in it. She feels from the intense core of her heart and reveals it through her eyes.
I still remember that she used listen to my songs every night before sleeping. Today I have stopped singing which was my childhood passion. my music pure like God and my love is pure like God. My prayer was my music and my love was my God. The day my God left me, I left singing forever.
Love will always be there in my heart and in my soul. I will wait for her till the end of my soul. Sometimes brain tells me ‘waiting will never end…
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Waiting will never End
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