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 In Absense of Love

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PostSubject: In Absense of Love   In Absense of Love Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:30 pm

It was the year of 2004, when the story took place. Our cover story is based on a real life, inspired by the life of Noboneeta. We truly dedicate the cover story to all those lovers who somehow lost their love in the middle of the way.
Crossing the wall of the college, Noboneeta stepped into the premises of the University of Dhaka. She was the student of English, Literature. She was beautiful, energetic and a very lively girl. She has the passion in her eyes, beauty in her soul and hope in her mind. Keeping all her dreams in eyes she moves with the rhythm of life. She was very friendly to everyone. All her near and dear ones, used to call her, the solutions to any difficulty. She was loved by all as well as she used to love others a lot.
Noboneeta was the charm of the department. If one day she was absent then the very next day, everyone used to get curious for Noboneeta. However, things were moving into right direction. Noboneeta was determined to get the best score in the examination, which she did of course.
She was a very practical girl. One day sitting with her friends, in a gossip, everyone was sharing his/her romantic stories. When Noboneeta was asked she laughed loudly and said “love stories are good to read in fairy tales, these do not exit in real life.” She made the fun of the serious mood. Her best friend Joyeeta, got annoyed of her attitude. She instantly reacted very bad with Noboneeta and told her that day would come when Noboneeta would realize what is the true meaning of love. The conversation ended there for that day.
However, Boys used to like Noboneeta a lot because of her lively and positive attitude towards life and it is also cannot be denied that Noboneeta was a beauty with brain. But Noboneeta was smart enough to deal with those relations alone. She maintained a healthy chain of bondage with everybody. With time, life was going smooth, without knowing what was waiting in the next turn of life.
Final exam was knocking at the door. The last year was very crucial. Scholarship for the abroad would depend a lot on the result of the BSS honors final result. Noboneeta along with other friends were more than serious about studies this time. Anyhow the group had to score the highest marks. For that they were pretty busy in taking the preparations. Meanwhile Noboneeta was also trying to get a good hold on her studies.
In an evening, Noboneeta was sitting ideal. She was not feeling interested to sit with her studies either. So what to do? She sat in front of the PC and started to surface the Internet. All of a sudden she got a friend request, which was quite interesting. She felt interested in the guy and she continued to chat with him. Within a very short time they became very good friends. Noboneeta used to share almost everything with the guy, whose name was Abhinav.
Gradually Abhinav started to become the hero of Noboneeta. Abhinav was a very romantic person. He loves to do poetry; Similarly Noboneeta loves to write as well. In a short span of time, Abhinav becomes the lyrics of Noboneeta and Nobo becomes the book of Abhi.
What were the days around! Everywhere there was the touch of colors. Suddenly, Nobo started to like bright colors, Flowers, wearing sarees, each thing that she never preferred to do before as being a woman.
But there is a saying when good days come bad days follows the path as well. Nobo was very happy and she was so much in deep love without knowing the other part of the story. Abhi used to send Nobo, all her favorite flowers in every month and Nobo used to cry out into happiness to see the love of Abhi for her.
There was something always suspicious about Abhi that whenever Nobo used to ask Abhi about his identity he always used to escape the truth. Nobo did not take it seriously because she has fallen in love with Abhi so much that everything Abhi did she never took it into account for which Nobo had to suffer later.
Days went on. Day after day Nobo was getting anxious to meet Abhi. Even Abhinav was trying his best to complete his study abroad and come back to Noboneeta. As the date of Abhi’s arrival was coming closer, Nobo was getting excited. She was getting so much involved in her own world that she forgot about everything, her study, her friends and her family. She just knew that one day her prince charming would come and take her into while horse like a fairy tale. She eventually believed in what was going on. In lover’s line it can be called, blind love.
Finally the date got fixed that on the Eid day, of the year 2007, Abhi was coming. Here in the country everyone was in swing mood to welcome him. Nobo took all the preparation to receive him at the airport. On the morning of the Eid, Nobo started for Airport. Wearing Mehedi in hand, in red saree how pretty Nobo was looking that day. She always has a beautiful smile on her face. Taking favorite flowers of Abhinav, Noboneeta kept on waiting for Abhi with all the dreams in her eyes. Who knows what was going in her mind then. Her heartbeat was getting faster. It was quite natural because the person you love was coming after long one year in front of your eyes.
Flight arrived. Nobo’s eyes were stuck on the door from where passengers were coming out. All the passengers came out one after one. Crew even came out. But only one person who did not was Abhinav. And the waiting continues…then, now & forever.
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In Absense of Love
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