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 Never Ending Love

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PostSubject: Never Ending Love   Never Ending Love Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:26 pm

Here is a true love story which i would like to share it wit everyone. This is the love which turned my entire life from dark into light.
I got my love from Naveen with the introduction of my friend(bro). In the beginning we were friends. We didn’t know that our friendship would turn into a beautiful love. I met him near my home for the first time, I didn’t speak to him much at that time, just a hi, shake hands, bye that’s it… Then we started with calls and messages, the next day after meeting Naveen we all friends decided to go outing somewhere.
We were almost 11 people together, we all met near his office and planned to go from there, everyone was on bike(doubles) and I went with him on his bike, I still wonder how did I dare to go with a person on a bike about whom i didn’t no anything, usually I never went with anyone like that till now. But i felt he was something precious, we reached a place in outskirts of Bangalore,a small hill and a lovely place to visit. I liked his friendly nature, he spoke openly to me about him,we had a lovely time, he held my hands and stepped forward every time, then he dropped me half d way back home and as soon as i reached home he called me to know that I reached home or not.
As days passed on we started becoming close through messages and calls. I felt like I knew him since my childhood and we started realizing the love between us. We were dependent on each other, crazy on each other, I was even ready to die for him. He loved me so much that never in my life i got such a love from anyone… He was an loveable gift to me, he gave me all pleasures of life. He never used to let me cry, if he sees me crying he would get tears in his eyes. He cared me like i was a baby to him. He loved me so much. If we fight, even if the fault was on me he would call me in the very next 5 minutes and ask me sorry… I loved this quality in him very much,
Later his parents came to know about us, n they liked me very much and everyone accepted me as their daughter-in-law. His mom tells me that she loves me like her own daughter. Their family was waiting for me to complete my degree and then we would be married. We were very happy enjoying our lives, But we didn’t know that we would be separated because of his work…
Naveen had his own business and was very hard working, he was sincere to his work, he had opened a branch of his office in Tamil Nadu and in Hyderabad, so he had to stay there for some time till he would standardize his business there, I was not able to take it so easily when he told that he would stay there for minimum 1 month,the next day he came in car and dropped me to college and told that he’ll be leaving Bangalore today, I flooded out in tears, he hugged me and told not to cry and he took my pics in his mobile and told that he would miss me a lot, I knew that if i cry more he wont concentrate on his business, so I managed to control my tears and got down from the car and went inside the college. He moved his car, I couldn’t see him going away from me, I called him back and told him to take me with him and I cant be without him, but he told me NO…, complete your studies and give a good name to your parents then happily we’ll start our life… Then he reached Tamil Nadu and called and told that he reached safely and he misses me a lot, hearing to this i cried a lot and even started crying, we realized that we cannot be without each other. We made nearly 20 to 30 calls and nearly 100-150 messages a day, eagerly waiting to see each other. He use to make reasons to come to Bangalore to meet me. I was so anxious to see him, he use to spend at least 2 days with me whenever he returned.. He always brought me big big chocolates before he goes back again and when he returns back we both together had the chocolate,
He is very possessive on me, I should all be his own, and I love this quality in him so much… He never hurts me. He is my gift of life….
Now my mom also came to know about us, she told after this year on completing my studies she will speak to my relatives and make our engagement and soon we’ll be getting married…
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Never Ending Love
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