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 My One Sided Love

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My One Sided Love Empty
PostSubject: My One Sided Love   My One Sided Love Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:19 pm

My life was full of disturbance and sadness.all things in my life was heart was pined so badly that it used to cry and please switch me off its too hurting.i used to cry because my heart was not happy…i used to pray to god please give me my life day i just decided to be alone and try to do things that would make me happy..i started using social site Facebook..that somewhat made me busy and feel OK..
one day i just send a friend request to a gal..she accepted it..that day i talked with her for first time then i came to know that she was in my school.i said its good..days passed she used to come online every day at 4 pm and i used to wait for her..she was the one who used to make me happy with her talks..i was feeling OK with my life again…but one day i don’t know what happened she said that she is leaving fb due to some reason..i was unhappy i tried to stop her but she refused..i said OK u can leave but i know that u will come back your friends will make u to come back..i said i would message u every day till u come back..
she thought i was just joking and she turn off..days passed i used to wait for her to come online but she didn’t come…i said OK no problem..then for few days i went out station with my friend..but when i returned i saw a message in my inbox it was her saying i am back because my friends forced me and also said thanks for my true friendship…ah i was happy my heart was happily i was again back in was like that god send a well wisher for me..
she just made my life again…i realized that i was just in love with her..ya i loved her my heart said i love ********..hmm now i decided to tell her but how it was a problem..i was scared that if i told her she would leave me alone,my friendship, which i don’t want..but on 15 April i told her clearly..omg!!!! i was scared what would be her reaction i just hold my breath and said i have trust on my feeling i know she will be OK with me and yeah she said that she respect my feelings she said that yeah she too like me but about love she was doubtful..she said she needed time….
i was again very happy and she too said that she was lucky that i loved her so much….hmm i said now ya my life is back…i m back to rule..i was very much happy we used to talk till mid night telling each other our feeling i was feeling that she too loved me i treated her as my beloved…some days passed it was summer vacation i was going to my home town for couple of days..our contact was cut due to her bro came home..but the day when i was going to my home town she called me..but she was not dialing my no she was dialing her friend’s no but she dialed my no accidentally..
i came to know that she was fully in my thoughts thinking of me..i talked to her that time..then i went to my home town i had to contact with her for couple of days after returning home back i though to talk with her but i was unable to talk with it was a month i didn’t talk with her i used to miss her a lot that talks and her voice her face…these days were the most painful days of my life..but it was written by god and no one can change it…then i said now i have to be in an habit to live talking with out her..
then my friend who has undergone by these days told me to be become bold live the life with happiness.ya i was thinking and trying to over come those days i was successful a now also i m living my life talking with out her ya sometimes she meets me on fb and we talk for some time but not that much i used to talk to her before..ya my love was still alive she needed time i gave her time till my last breath…and the time is passing…………….i hope she would say yes to me one day may be that day would be my last day but that moment will be equal to thousand of colorful moments….just to say i love her and will love her till my last breath…………………………living with the sweet memory that she gave me…..
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My One Sided Love
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