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 Love Story:Art of Letting Go

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Love Story:Art of Letting Go Empty
PostSubject: Love Story:Art of Letting Go   Love Story:Art of Letting Go Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 11:07 pm

Aren’t you tired of running round and round on my mind? How are you able to do so? Yes, you were able to help me move on with my past, by simply letting me get close to you, but how dare you hurt me back by letting me fall in love with you?
And how dare you Angelyn talk about it, when you even badly knew that it is your big damn fault why you fall in love on that guy now…. Who is he? Why do you feel that way? Can’t you even control yourself and stop it?
Well it all started with a conversation, short talks spend by me and you, it also started with a song…and songs. And now it seems I’m on its hardest part now, so damn. I don’t know where this feeling is going to, I want to stop it but I can’t, I want to let you go but it seems to be the hardest thing for me to do. How dare you really…. I just really hate this part now, can’t help it…so damn pathetic.
I become silent for sometimes, my mind is wandering till I’ll think of you again, and it’s either I would smile so sweetly or I would cry upon knowing that you can’t be mine, no matter how hard I’ll try. I don’t even know how you feel, and I never got a clue ever since. And so I always think that I can’t even be special to you.
And now, my heart is suffering a pain that bothers me all through out. You don’t like me nor want me to be your friend, you don’t care about me, you don’t feel anything special when I’m with you, and the worst thing that hurts me most is that you like another woman, you love another woman, and I pathetically know that, that woman can never be me, she’s beautiful than I am, big-minded than I am and for you I know she’s always the best,…that are the things that keep running on my mind and make my heart cry valleys of tears inside.
So tell me now, if this isn’t love, why does it hurts me so yet I am tolerating the pain? Why do I always care for you? Why do I can not even afford to hurt you? Nor never mind you?
Before it seems for me that we have a right love at a wrong time, yet now for me it seems I have a right love at a wrong time…and I do not know if it is the right being that I am falling on to.
But now I have to make up my mind, I need to do the right thing for my own sake; I can help it no more. If I would let my life be ruled by these feelings I will never be free from the thing that bothers me. Don’t think that I never love you because I now decide to give up and forget you as my crush and as my inimitable love from the time that I met you, until now.
I know in me that it is too hard to teach your heart whom to love, and if you would continue to love him or not, or just to let things be the way it is and the way it goes. If I would keep on loving you, there’ll be days of tears and irrefutable happiness that only you can give, without your consciousness about it. If I would continue loving you then I’ll be bother all the way out.
And if would try to forget this feelings that I feel for you, still I’ll be hurting my self, forcing my self that it would all be over. But if I would let things be, the way it is and the way it goes, the only thing that I need to do is to feel every single thing that may happen, without doing any actions, seems that I don’t want to be troubled about you now.
Oh common, I am a big girl now, making my own life, looking in every wider sides of the world, taking into accounts all the things around me and you are not my priority, why you should be my priority when I am just an option for you?…no thanks. You are not the sun wherein all my life revolve over and over again, till it hurts me so… these words just help me cope up and move on, can’t you see I am loosing my mind because of you, I need to be heal.
It doesn’t really mean forgetting you, losing you or purging all my love for you but it only means doing the things that can help me bring to an end this pain. I can’t continue loving you when I know that I am not the woman that can make you happy, the woman that would be you’re everything, and the woman that you are dreaming of. Sometimes letting go means loving you so, though I found my place in heaven by your side. I love you, goodbye.
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Love Story:Art of Letting Go
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