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 Love Story:Leave Me

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Love Story:Leave Me Empty
PostSubject: Love Story:Leave Me   Love Story:Leave Me Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 10:57 pm

I saw her first time in the marriage of my friend. She was a bright and wanton girl. Her lovely movements effected on my heart I like her at first sight. She was looking so beautiful in the nave blue dress. She was the center of my eyes. I decided to talk with her but did not get chance to talk her. I asked my friend about her. he told me she is my cousin. She came from Canada with her family to attend my marriage ceremony. He said, why you are asking about her. I said, I will tell you later.
So, after few days, I met my friend. He said, you asked me about Sara. I said, I liked her at first sight. I felt she is the girl for which I was searching. She is my dream girl my friend. Would you help me? I want to meet her. He said, yes afcourse you can meet her.
My friend invites me in a restaurant. I went there. He was there with his wife and Sara. He introduced me with Sara. I said, I am pleased to meet you. She said me too. Then my friend said, now you can talk to Sara and they went out. Sara was English speaking. But she did not look English. She said, Tahir told me about you. I also impressed by your personality. Then he asked me to meet you, I said yes.
She said to me, I like you. But I did not know your parents will accept me or not. I told her, I will agree my parents. They will happy in my happiness. So, she said I want to meet your parents.
I decided to bring her to my home to meet my parents. She came at my home and she tried to speak Urdu to my parents. She made happy my parents with her soft and respectful nature. They liked her so much. My mother said, I accept you as my daughter in law. She was so happy to meet her.
Then she said to me to meet with her family. They gave me much importance because I was the choice of their daughter. I was so happy to meet them. I was not thought that such nice people will come in my life and I will relate with them. I thought I am so lucky that I met with Sara. She was so nice and very respectful to elders.
Both the families decided to get married soon. Because, her family wants to go back to Canada. We got married soon. Now Sara was my life partner. She performed very well in the beginning. All the family members were very happy with her.
After one year. One day she said to me, I want to go to Canada. I thought, she wants to meet her family. I said, all right we will go after few days. I know you want to meet your parents. She said, no I want to go Canada for ever. I can not live here. When she said, I became surprised. I said, why you are saying that you want to go there forever. She said, there is my home and my family. I said, now it is your home and your family is here. She said, no that is not my family. I feel uncomfortable there. She said, you will also go with me. I love you so much and can not live without you. I said, I also love you but how I can leave my parents alone. She said, for me you should leave your parents. I had left my parents and my home for you, now you have to do that. I was much confused, what is she saying? She said, one year I endured your family but I have no more patience. Now you have to go with me. I said, I will not go with you. i can not leave my parents alone. She said, now you should decide, you will go with me or leave me. i can not live in restrictions. I always lived a free life. And your ignorant parents, they did not understand me. I can not server them more.
She said, I give you two day to think and decide. If you will go with me, I will so glad. If you will not then I will go alone to my parents. I was so confused, what I do? I was so upset. My mother asked me, you are looking upset. Tell me the reason. Then I started to cry and put my head in her lap. I told her, Sara wanted to go back to Canada. She said to me to come with her. My mother said, she is your wife and has all the rights on you. You live here or there, you will still our son. If you will happy there with her then you should go with her. We have no objection.
After two days. She asked me, what did you decide? I said, I will not go with you. If you can not live without your parents then how I can live without my family. She said, you will leave me for your parents. You loved me so much, now where is your love. I said, I still love you Sara but I love my parents more. I can leave you but not my parents.
She said, I have understand you. you deceived me , you are fake. You did not love me. You just want to make me the servant of your parents. But I did not fulfill you desire. So you will live with your parents and I will with my parents. I cannot endure your old parents. So I want you give me divorce. I want to live a free life.
I gave her divorce and she went back to Canada.
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Love Story:Leave Me
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