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 He’ll always have my heart

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He’ll always have my heart Empty
PostSubject: He’ll always have my heart   He’ll always have my heart Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 8:07 am

It was my first year in High school, my first ever dance show with all the new people i had met. I was getting ready to go over the Dance show with a few of my friends when i saw him standing there across the hall, with that tanned skin, brown hair and a beaming smile that could sweep you off your feet within seconds. I didn’t know it at the time but he was the one i was always going to love, he was going to be the one I’d compare everyone too, he’d be the reason I’d never fall in love again.

I was 12, he was 14.. i did what a 12 year old girl would do and i got a friend to go over and get his ‘msn’ whilst i stood there giggling with red cheeks worrying what he’d say. He give it me and i was over the moon, as soon as i got the chance i was on my computer speaking to him, I’d always want to speak to him there wouldn’t be a day that went by that i didn’t. Things got harder when his ex girlfriend moved back home from Cornwall and my world just seemed to come crashing down right on top of me when he choose her because they had ‘history’ every day I’d see them together as i walked round a corner but i didn’t give up.

I waited, i waited for him as long as it took and as much as it hurt i knew it would be worth it. I did get him in the end, he came to me but then left me again after a week. I sent him at text telling him i loved him and then the next minute he was gone, with someone else my heart broke again but no, i didn’t walk away i didn’t walk away from the hurt, i stayed.. i waited and i got the boy back that i knew i was meant to be with. Once i got him back, once i fought for what was rightfully mine, he was mine for a whole two years and every day we fell more in love. A few things got in the way but that made us stronger, stronger than ever. He was my soul mate, i could see my future being with him being what we always talked about it being. He was my best friend and i know he’d do anything for me and in a way, i took that for granted.

Two years passed, two years filled with amazing memories. Our one year anniversary and how happy we were sat at that table looking over into his beautiful eyes and valentines day and how special he’d make me feel even if he did burn my food on one occasion and on christmas when he came round extra early and laid my presents on my bed with rose petals spread all around. He made me feel like a princess because he was my prince. I never did show him how much i loved him and now i wish i would have done, i should have done. 1 year and a half on, i still remember the exact day we got together but i also remember the exact day i let him go, forever. What I’d say to learn from that is never take someone you love for granted because once you leave them, leave it all behind you’ll never get them back. He waited for me, he waited for me to come back and i never did until it was too late. He’s moved on and I’m left in the cold, i refuse to move on. Every time i get the courage to find someone new, it doesn’t happen because no one compares to him.

I wish i hadn’t have left, i wish he was still mine and it’s a fact no one can live up to him and no one can ever take away the fact that he is the one that has my heart. It’s true what they say, you don’t realize what you have until it’s too late and I’ve tried. I wrote him a letter stating how sorry i was and how i never meant to hurt him, I’d do anything to get him back but he’s moved on, he’s happy and that’s all I’ll ever want for him but if he ever decides to come back to me, I’ll be here. Right here waiting with my arms open wide ready to grab him and never let him go. I love you Jordan Turner and that, will never go away. Forever in my heart
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He’ll always have my heart
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