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 Love Story:My Love

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Love Story:My Love  Empty
PostSubject: Love Story:My Love    Love Story:My Love  Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 8:05 am

She was my childhood love. She was so innocent, simple and careless from the bitterness of this world. I had never thought to spend my life without her. She was inhabited in my soul. She was the par of my life. I always felt incomplete myself without her. Her appearance was a sign of love for me.

I and Seema were lived in Meer Goth village. My and her father was farmers and also very good friends. I was six years old when Seema came in her parent’s house as a blessing of God. I have exactly remember that when my mother caught my hand and brought me to the house of uncle Aslam. Seema was his first child who was born after the eight years of his marriage. There were many guests in their house. There was much crowd. All the guests were eating sweet and all were very happy. Uncle Aslam and his wife were so happy because God has blessed them after eight years.

I was confused to see the crowd but when saw a little fairy like baby was lying in the cradle. I wished I will just play with her. My mother picked her in her lap and kissed her. She gave congratulation to aunt. My mother asked her name then aunt told us her name is Seema.

In that part of age I was no unfamiliar of word “LOVE”. Bu I was feeling a strange connection among us. Daily I went to Seema’s house and played with her for many hours.

After few days I was admitted in school. When I came back from school, I have only a wish to go to Seema’s house and play with her. Then I was too young, so my mother fulfilled my all desires.

Btu as time passed and I became older my mother stopped me to go there. I had gone continuously for fiver years to her home. Seema was also addicted for me. if she was crying became happy to see me. She played with me and we eat food together. Aunt made much tasty food for us. I had spent my entire day there. Uncle and aunt loved me so much.

One day I came back from school. My mother was angry and my father was trying to make her understand. But she was not ready to understand his talk. I changed my uniform and was ready to go uncle’s home. My mother said to me, you will not go there. I persisted to go there, but she scolded me, I became stiffed and sat there. My father said to my mother, don’t to be angry with him, he is child now. How he can understand the reality. Mother did not say something and caught my arm and brought me to another room. She gave me food to eat but I did not eat. I was taken lunch and dinner with Seema. How could I eat alone? I was known that Seema was waiting for me and she will not eat lunch or dinner.

In the evening I thought mother became less angry, I asked her to go. She did not say something and gave a slap on my face. I fell on the bed and began cry. I was crying and slept. My mother waked me for dinner. She put my head in her lap and started to make me understand with love. She said to me, my dear son now you are growing up it is not good to go there. But I did not understand her and again persisted to go there. My mother said if you are stubborn then I am your mother. I will not give you permission to go. I did not take my dinner. I lay on the bed and I could not sleep at night. Innocent face o f seema was in my eyes. I felt she is weeping and is calling me. I became unease for her. I could not do something. I became evaluated that she is much important for me.

Next day uncle Aslam came at our house. He asked about me that why did I not come their home. Seema did not eat anything without him. My mother abused him and said Hamid will not come to your home. Uncle went back and my father said to mother, you had done very badly.

Tow days have passed but I did not eat at one time. I was sick. My father got a Hakeem at home. He gave me some medicine and said try to keep him happy. Child became ill due to some mantel depression. After going Hakeem my mother said to me, you can go there but I will go with you. I became ready to go.

Seema was also ill. She has not eaten food for two days. When she saw me became happy and asked me why you not came to my home. Her innocent question made me sad. Her mother was crying and she said she had much attached with you. I eat her food and then we played together. Suddenly my mother caught my hand and came out of her house. Seema was crying to see me and I was also crying.

After some days my said to me, we are going to city at your mamoo’s home. I became sad because I can not be live without seema. But my mother took me forcibly. She said she is come there for her cure. I asked her daily about our return. She said when your father will come. I was spending days with her remembrance.

One evening my father had come. I was happy at his arrival. But when he said now we will live there forever. I felt some one snatched my life from me. He said he has sold his lands and now he will invest his capital in business. My mother scolded me if I want to live with my parents then I will forget the village. I could not do that. I was fifteen years old when we came in city.

I showed them I have forgotten village and Seema. But I could not forget her for a moment. I was much worried for her. When, I have passed my FSc exams. I asked to my father to go village but he said you may ask your mother. I was known that she will not agree. She was great hate for village and also for Seema. I became silent but I had decided that I will definitely go to village. It was my only wish to get seema with me.

It was last when I met seema. I took her on the small canal of village. There I promised her that I will not leave her alone. I will come back soon and take her with me. I asked her, will she wait for me? she moved her head in yes and began crying. I cleared her tears and promised her to keep her with me.

Now I was doing my MSC. I asked my mother to go on picnic with my friends. She gave me permission happily. But I was not going on picnic but I was going to village to meet my seema.

After eight years I was going there. When I reached there I knocked at the door of uncle Aslam’s house. Aunt did not recognize me. When I told her I am Hamid then she hugged me and kissed my forehead. She became much emotional began weeping. She was so happy to see me. She cleaned a chair for me with her duptta. I sat there but my eyes were searching for Seema. She was not there. Aunt gave me cold drink and then she called Seema. But she did not come out. I was talking with aunt but my heart was going unease for Seema. After half an hour aunt went in the room, then seema came out with her. she was looking so beautiful.

She was supporting her dupatta. She said Aslama alaikum and went back. She did not look at me for a moment. I was much surprised at her behavior. I thought she has forgotten me. I asked about uncle, he was gone to another village. Aunt asked to Seema to make dinner. Her behavior made me sad. I was come there for her but she was not given me attention. I thought may be she like some one other. During a long period any other person has come to her life.

In the evening uncle has come. He was also very happy to see me there. We took dinner together and after the dinner aunt asked to Seema to wash my hand. When she was washing my hands I asked her to meet me on the roof in night. She did not give me any answer. I was really upset at her reaction.

So, at the night after sleeping uncle and aunt I went on the roof. I saw she was also sleeping. I decided I will not stay there and will go back early in the morning. Will not meet her? I was standing and closed my eyes. I thought I have lost my love in those eight years.

I opened my eyes, she was in front of me. I became surprised to see her. I asked her, when she came there? But she did not reply and was standing silently. She was made to bend her eyes. I asked her did she not love me now. I asked her, did you like some one other? She raised her eyes; her eyes were filled with tears. Then she said, how you can think so? I caught her arms to close her to me. Then I asked her, why you are behaving like with me. She said I was just wanted to check that what will you do? She said, my every moment is attached with you. How anyone other can enter in my life. I told her soon I will come and get her with me. She said I will wait for you at my last breath.

In the morning I told aunt about me and Seema. She said it is not possible your parents will not agreed for your relationship. I said Seema is my life I can not live with out her. if you have any objection I will not come there. she before eight years ago I said to your mother to make this relationship but she refused. Now she will not accept my daughter. I said to aunt, I will get married with Seema at any cost. She said I will support you because you are also very dear to me. I got permission and came back to city.

One day my mother asked me about my marriage. She said it is my wish that you will get married with your cousin Ayesha. I said if i will get married then I will just get married with Seema. My mother became furious and said she is an ignorant and uneducated girl. I will not accept her as my daughter in law. She said, she is not able to these rests and comforts.I said I have decided to get married with her, now you can not change my decision. She then you should leave us and go back to the village. It is my stubborn that ignorant girl will not come there.

So I have decided to leave my home. I asked my father, will he give me support? He replied, No. I am with my wife. She is right and you are wrong.

I went back to my love Seema. She was waiting for me. I asked her parents to get married with her. Uncle said it is not right to make your parents angry. I said they have no care of me they just think about their status and class. But I can not live without Seema. If you are not agree with me I will not go back but will sit there out of your house and will not move, until you become agree. He said, I always found as my son. So he became agreed. Soon we got married. Now seema became my wife. She said I want to see your parents and will try to agree them for our relationship. I took her to city. When, my mother saw us together, she said why do you come there? Seema requested her; please forgive us we want to live among you. If Hamid loves me he also loves you so much. He can not live without you. Seema began to cry. Then my father said to mother, leave your stubborn my children are our property. If they will not with us then we will be poor. My mother became agreed and she forgave us.

My love won the heart of my mother.
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Love Story:My Love
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