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 My Best Friend

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PostSubject: My Best Friend   My Best Friend Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 8:01 am

Best friends that’s what you called us but best friends wasn’t my title for us my title was more than best friends but i couldn’t name us just yet.
“Hey wake up” Kevin shaking Alayna

Kevin would always just walk in Alayna’s house to wake her up to start there day out of hanging out and it didn’t really matter that Kevin walked in almost every morning because Alayna’s dad practically love him treats him like a son and pretty much Kevin was the only boy allowed to hang out with Alayna. But in every day’s routine Alayna replies to Kevin like this

“Nahhh do you not get I don’t like waking up early every morning, Isn’t summer for sleeping in?” Alayna would say everyday in the summer. and then finish it off by throwing a pillow at Kevin
“Just get up i got prefect day for us” Kevin said
“Whatever” Alayna said in mood less voice
Alayna walked down stairs along with Kevin brushed her hair and teeth got dressed and walked out the door with Kevin
“No make up?” Kevin said
“Why bother” Alayna Said
“Anyway what are we doing today?”
“Were going to the woods”
“I need to show you something”

So Kevin and Alayna went to the woods in their neighbor hood and Kevin did something Alayna would never thought he do but Kevin held Alayna’s hand and they walked in the woods on the path and pass the big 2 oak trees and pass the tree house and finally they reach a tiny little pond that Alayna never saw and that tiny little pond had a little black bench you could sit on and the little pond was shinny and there were tiny fish in it and sparkled.
“Wow this is so pretty” Alayna said in amazement
“Where did you find this?” Alayna said quickly

“I was just walking in the woods and it came across, When I saw it i thought about you instantly” Kevin replied
“Oh well its gorgeous” Alayna said once more still in amazement voice
Kevin lead Alayna to the little black bench and they starting talking about school and how Kevin could be switching to the dreadful school PCA it was a academy for boys only in California and Kevin’s parents was thinking about moving there because there was no tax there and tax was so high here even though they moved it up one so now the tax is $5.00 witch I think its not a lot of money.
“Shit, Kevin I need to go shopping with my dad and have lunch with my cousins.”
“Maybe we can meet tonight here?”
“Kevin i have a curfew so on Saturday?”
“Sure” Kevin said sighing
“Can I at least walk you home?”
“I would love you for that but I….i-i-i need to go” Alayna said wildly

Alayna starting racing home but as soon as she turned to the corner she started to think about Kevin and the burning question running through her mind was why did he hold her hand? Alayna would be in embrassed to ask so she kept it to her self but only if Alayna know did Kevin finally like her? Alayna had the biggest crush on Kevin since Preschool and at 5th grade Alayna told Kevin she didn’t like him anymore when instead she just more in love with him. Well Alayna was going to find out everything on Saturday witch was two days before she meant Kevin at the pond.
“Alayna” Alayna’s Dad said
“What!?” Alayna said angrily
“I’m sorry, Just some stuff is going on” Alayna said more calmly
“It’s fine, So what did you and Kevin do today?”
“Well we walked into the woods and showed me this beautiful pond”
“Wow that sounds fun” Her dad said sarcastic
“Well it was fun, Until he told me he may move to California.”
“What! No not my other son!”
“Well he isn’t sure yet”
“Well I will keep my fingers crossed”

Then Alayna put some music on and started singing up until they reached the Cherry Hill Mall
Alayna walked around in Hollister picking out this and that and then finally Alayna came across a t-shirt that remind her of Kevin and she started tearing up until her dad called her to the check out line to pay for everything and then have lunch at salad works. Alayna got home that night watched Degrassi then showered and went to bed and that night Alayna dreamt about Kevin. ….Alayna I love you I love you to Kevin can I kiss you? Yes yes yes yes!……

“Alayna…Alayna….Alayna!” Kevin shouted trying to wake her up
“Yes Yes Yes!” Alayna Screamed
“Oh my god, Kevin!”
“What!?” Kevin said Worried
“What are you doing?”
“Waking you up like I do every morning”

Alayna walked downstairs and got dressed and done up and walked out with Kevin
“So Kevin what do you have plan for us today?”
“Were just going to chill”
“And I’m hoping you mean by that were going to chill on your trampoline?”
“Yes, But today is Saturday and were going to the pond right?”
“Of course”

Alayna and Kevin walked back to his house his parents weren’t home though they went outback and jumped on the trampoline until they both got tired and started laying down on. They started chatting and then all of sudden Kevin said
“It’s night, Ready for the pond?”

Kevin lead Alayna out of his back yard and off to the woods they went walking to the woods and Kevin once again held Alayna’s hand
“Why are you holding my hand?”
“Why you don’t like it?”
“No I like it I was just wondering”
“It just seems right”

Finally they reached the pond and Kevin and Alayna sat down on the little black bench and everything was perfect the stars were shinning and the moonlight was shinning upon Alayna’s beautiful blonde hair and her big blue eyes sparkling and the pond was glistening and shimmering and everything was just gorgeous.
“Alayna I need to tell you something”
“I love you” Kevin said.
“Kevin, I’ve been waiting for this moment forever and I know I told I didn’t like you but I been in love you ever…”

The at that moment Kevin cut her off and leaned to kiss her and Alayna starting kissing him back. After the kiss was over they both pulled back and whisper whoa.

“Kevin why now?” Alayna said
“Because I got to know you more and we became best friends but then I started liking you more then a best friend because you were special and different, And plus haven’t i kept you waiting long enough?”
“You should just be lucky I waited for you long enough” Alayna said joking
“Well I feel like I should ask you a very important question”
“So, Alayna would you like to go out with me?”

And from the moment on Alayna lived her happy fairy tale life she always wanted with Kevin and from that point on Alayna finally knew what to title Kevin and her and her title was Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
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My Best Friend
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