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 The True Art of Two True Lovers

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The True Art of Two True Lovers Empty
PostSubject: The True Art of Two True Lovers   The True Art of Two True Lovers Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 7:55 am

And where in the new world these two lovers finally met & got married.
WRITERN BY : Kanhaiyalal Sweety Varma

In the early 18th century there was a village named as Permgadh and this village is related to a sweet love story of two true lovers. There was a boy named as Kishan who belonged to a farmer family and there was girl named as Neelam who belonged to a potter family. This village was under the rule of Britishers. On one fine morning the girl with his father went to British Head “General Hornton” for some money on loan there when he saw the girl, he said to her father that you sent your girl to me for one night, I will give you as many as money you want & the father got angry & put his hand on the General.

So from that day the General & Neelam’s father became enemy of each other. On one fine morning Neelam alone went to the jungle to collect some wood and this news was given to the General and he to moved out towards the jungle. And while returning from the jungle, she saw that the General was standing in the way waiting for her & the General tried to rape the girl but Kishan was already in the jungle cutting some wood. And when he heard the voice save me, he immediately went to the place were she was & after a hardcore fight with the General, when he saw that boy is getting better of him, he starting running away from the jungle & the boy saved the girl from the damn General.

From that day Neelam & Kishan became friends they started meeting each other at the river side and use to talk for hours with each this friendship countinued for 7 to 8 months till they both fell in love with each other. So finally Kishan said to Neelam what was in his heart for Neelam & she too accepted him as her lover. They loved each other so dearly that they decided to get married to ecah other. They told their parents about about their love & both the family were ready for this relationship. And their marriage date was fixed on 14th feb 1821 at mid night 2: 30 am. This news fell to the ears of the General & on the occasion of their marriage he shot dead Kishan with the gun & seeing this Neelam killed herself with a knife.

But before taking their last breathe they holded their hands together & promised that they will take a second birth & that time they will meet & by saying these words of love Kishan said “I Love You” & Neelam replied “I Love You Too” and they died.

So after some decades these two true lovers took their second birth in the late 19th century. The boy was born in a middle class family named as “Kanhaiyalal” with love “Chirag or Kv” in Rajasthan & the girl was born in a famous hill station named as Lonavla in a rich family named as “Sweety” with love “Khushi or Sv”

So after some years past away this boy & the girl met each other in Shimla were they came for a picnic. When they saw each other they looked into each other eyes for a long time, as they were knowning each other from ages. Over there an incident took place were some boys were trying to play some dirty games with the girl, when Chirag saw that, he went to help Khushi. He helped her out from those boys & both of them became good friends, and they both spent hours with each other, and slowly they both started liking each other. So one fine morning Khushi proposed to Chirag and Chirag with lots of love accepted her purposal. Their love got that deeper that they cloud not live a second without each other.

Khushi and Chirag made up their mind that they get married in any hell case. But like Kishan and Neelam over here also they were some enemies of their love. And you can’t imagine that the General of that age was the father of the girl. But Khushi and Chirag loved each other so dearly they made up their mind that if we can’t become 1, but we can die together.

Chirag & Khushi went to a cricket match stadium and in front of millions of people proposed the girl, entire world supported their love. But by cheating Khushi’s father killed Chirag and when Khushi came to know about this she too killed herself. And when Lord Shiva saw this he got angry and in anger he said that if that the world has killed these two true lovers.

And after seeing the anger of Lord Shiva, the girl parents and the boy parents realised their mistake and Lord Shivji said “ that if these to die I will destroy the entire world. Both Chirag and Khushi parents were praying day and night that these two true lovers survive in the hospital and these two true lovers fought from death and took their respective lovers name. And by seeing their parents in front of their eyes they were very angry, both parents said sorry to both true lovers and made sure that Khushi weds Chirag and the entire world came to their wedding and with Lord Shiva & all god and goddess came down on the earth to bless these two true lovers with lots of love, happiness & prosperity.

And finally in 2012 the world was destroyed and then all god & goddess decided to create a new world and with few years that new world was created. Now god had one problem that whom to send on the earth and then Lord Shiva said that my son “Kanhaiyalal & his sweet humble hearted wife Sweety” should be the right person to start this new world & god blessed those two & send them on the earth to run the new generation with lots of love and humanity. They got married with few years after reaching on the earth & enjoyed their sweet lovely married life & Sweety gave birth to a sweet boy and from date of the boys birth few years she gave birth to a sweet girl. And this sweet family of four lived a sweet happy life with lots of happiness and love.

A sweet love story ends in a sweet memory as Chirag & Khushi got married and after few years Khushi gave birth to a sweet twin babies and both the husband & wife lived happy married life with their sweet little twin babies named as Sweety and Kanhaiyalal.

When you love someone truly and care from deep inside of your
heart then God to bows down in front of true lovers as we saw in
this story how Lord Shiv came down on the earth to make
Khuhsi & Chirag One.

With lots of love
Signing off “Kanhaiyalal Sweet Varma”.
Love you all
bye bye
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The True Art of Two True Lovers
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