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 Away Forever

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PostSubject: Away Forever   Away Forever Icon_minitimeSat Sep 10, 2011 7:54 am

Jason,He Was The Guy Who Would Make Me Smile, The One Who Could Make Butterflies Flutter In My Tummy, The One Who Would Make Me Cry With Tears Of Happiness. But Before This, Jason Left To Mexico For Summer Vacation in 2009 and He Decide To Stay There. So When I Went To Summer Vacation We Met Again

My Uncle Monchies Saw Him And Told Jason To Come. “Aye Jason Come Here I Want You To Met Someone.” He Came Smiling. “I Remember You, Vicky.” I Couldn’t Help But Smile. He Shook My Hand, Then He Kissed My Cheek. I smiled gently, and Looked at His Brown Eyes. He’s Eyes Filled With Life.

The Next Morning I Woke Up To The Sun Shining In My Face, I Took A Quick Shower And Headed Out Side To Explore My Village. My Cousin Anahi Helped Me. She Was My Guide. We Walked Down A Street Where Their Was A Butchery and and Stores. I Glance At Every Store Quickly, All Of A Sudden I See A Face Similar As The One I saw Yesterday. I Looked Again. And It was Him. My Heart Started Beating Quickly. Boom, Boom, Boom Was All I Could Heard. He Looked Up and grinned. I Looked Away. My Face Was Very Hot. I Walked Away Smiling And Holding My Purses Tightly. That Same Night He Came to My Grandpa’s Store. I Was helping my uncle when he walked in. I Turned My Back As Quickly as I Could, I Glanced Back To See If He Was Their. He Still Was ! (: My Cousin’s Girlfriend Walked In And Took Me Out To Talk. She

Told Me That He Was Asking Her Who I Was Staying With. Then She Stayed Quiet. I Looked Back And He Was Standing Right Behind Me Smiling. I Looked At Her And She Stood Up And Said “I Have To Go Your Cousins Are Waiting For Me At My Porch.” He Sits Down Beside Me. “So?” He Said. “So, How Have You’ve Been?” I Said Back. “I’ve Been Good And You?” he Replied. I Smiled And Said “thats good and i’ve been good too.”. We Walked Around My Grandpas House For A While. All Of Sudden I Hear My Grandpa Call My Name. I Look At Him His Face All Calm and Smooth. ” I Have To Go. I’ll See You

Tomorrow.” I Walked Towards Him And Hugged Him. We Looked at Eachother. His Face Was slowly coming towards mine. Finally Our Lips Touch. We Kissed For Like 3 Seconds Until My Granpa called my name again. I Finally Walked Back. He Held My hand. I Kissed Him Once More And Said Goodbye and goodnight. After Seeing Him for 6 Days Straight. I Had To Come Back. I remember Calling my friend Diana. She Told Me That He Looked Sad After I Left. After 3 Months I Saw His Cousin. She Told Me That Her Cousin is a player. I Didn’t Believe Her. “Ohh I Don’t Think So?” after 6 Months I Heard he had A motorcycle accident. I Cried & prayed non stop. After A Month I Heard He Got Better. Then One Day A Lady With

The Name Of Paty Came To My House, She’s one of my mom’s closes friend. She Told Us about How Jason Got married at a young age. I Didn’t Believe her. But then One Day My Mom Called To Mexico and My Grandma Told Her That He Had Gotten Married. My Heart Broken Into A Million Pieces. I Couldn’t Believe It. I know that in mexico you can get married by the age of 14. But I couldn’t believe he moved on fast. ;( I Still cry for him. Akk My Friends Say He Probably Wasn’t the one. But This Pain Is Too Hard For A guy That Supposedly wasn’t the one. All I Want Is Him to be happy with his wife. I wish Them the best of luck. I’ll Always Love Jason. No matter what he has my heart forever.
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Away Forever
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