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 What is the Good Life

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What is the Good Life Empty
PostSubject: What is the Good Life   What is the Good Life Icon_minitimeFri Sep 02, 2011 11:19 am

This may be the million dollar question for you but when I use the term “The Good Life,” what does it mean? To many people this term will mean many different things. I believe that every answer that you get to this question will be different. When I meditated on this question I came up with the mantra that the good life is whichever lifestyle is good for you but on second thought that is just not true. If that were the case lets look at the old west outlaws. The good life for them may have been running around and robbing banks for kicks. This would have been good for them but it definitely wasn’t good for everyone else.

Personally the good life to me equates to the God life. I have learned through hard experience that the best thing in life is the love that we have for others. When we learn a little bit about the love of God for us it will make us appreciate life even more. We have not even begun to touch on his love for us and his plan and purpose for creating this world. Sometimes we get lost in the everyday routine and the demands that life itself places on us. We often forget that God is our creator and he should get top priority in our lives. We tend to get our minds wrapped up in the grind of day to day routine and forget the real meaning of life and the finer things in life.

If the good life for you consists of making sure that you take care of your day to day routines then that’s fine for you. I am not going to knock you for what is important to you but I have learned to have a whole different reality. Yes our day to day routine is important but we more importantly should learn how to love somebody. I’m just beginning to understand how important it is to God that we love one another. Love should be the foundation and the basis for all of our relationships. The love that you have for people will transcend each and every problem that life will throw at you. Love will carry you when you have run out of money and out of patience.

Do the thing that you love in order to have a fulfilling life. I was in the military for many years and I always worked on various jobs before that. I found that no matter what I did I was never satisfied. I am really not the type of person who can handle being ordered around although I am soft spoken. I found more happiness when I decided to become self employed. I could make a bunch more money than what I make by being self employed if I got a job commensurate with my skills but I kind of like it this way. I actually enjoy being able to help people. Do what you love but remember to put your creator first.

Don’t stop having fun, but most of all enjoy people. There is something to love in everyone if you have enough love in you to take the time to find it. We all have our bad traits, but we all have our good traits also. True love does not search to find the bad in others rather it makes exception and overlooks the bad for the good.

I used to be the type person who would hold a grudge forever. I would get you even if it took me years to do so. I was holding on to the negative and destroying my own life. Bitterness is like having termites. It will slowly eat away until there is nothing left of you but a shell. I have seen people who were always sick who I really believed stayed sick because they refused to let go of negative thoughts and emotions. Don’t allow hate to rob you

Life is good when you are satisfied because you do what you love but it is infinitely better when you have love for others.
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What is the Good Life
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