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 Love Lies in Disguise...Like A Faked Orgasm

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Love Lies in Disguise...Like A Faked Orgasm Empty
PostSubject: Love Lies in Disguise...Like A Faked Orgasm   Love Lies in Disguise...Like A Faked Orgasm Icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 3:05 pm

No harm no foul they say about the little white lies we all tell. Yet what do we do whenever we find ourselves in compromising situations? How do we disguise the lies we tell in the name of, or for the sake of "love"? Love lies in disguise. Kept a secret so as not to rock the boat, we stuff how we really feel. What we truly want. Thinking that if we do this, we will surely be loved. That's a lie.

A lie in disguise. Disguised like the pleasure of a faked orgasm. Told to appease, accommodate, or appeal to others ego's, others feelings, that we validate more than our own. Truth be told, there's no orgasm like that of a real orgasm. No matter how theatrical a performance. No matter how showy. There's a glow that comes only from sharing the truth. There is no pleasure greater for the receiver of your truth. There's no pleasure that you will experience greater than when you decide to share, speak, live and love your truth.

Do you keep quiet to keep the peace? Keep your mouth shut to avoid making waves or ruffling feathers? Keep a vice on your voice?

Open up and speak. You have a choice.

Are you afraid to speak the truth that lives within for fear of going without?

What are you gaining from telling the little white lies to others? To ourselves?

We lie to avoid what we don't want....

We lie to avoid what we do want...

How many of us preach about the value we place on the truth, yet

I just want a relationship....

I just want to be happy....

I just want a job.....

I just want money. I don't know how much, I just wants lots of money....

I want to lose weight...I don't know how much, I just want to lose weight...

I don't know what I want....

I don't want this or I don't want that, etc...

Then when life delivers the packages we requested, we look in disgust or despair, because "that's not what I wanted"

Regardless of what we say we want, or think we want or don't want, life will serve us according to what we focus on and the feelings we focus on.

What's on the surface isn't always an indication of what's bubbling beneath. The truth is always stirring, always churning, always ready to shine her light in the darkest corners of your heart. You need only open your mouth and let the light of that truth come forth.

You want a real-ationship? Get specific. What does it look like? What is your ideal mate? How do they look? How do they feel? How does their kiss taste on your lips? How do they lead and follow when you are in each others arms? How sweet is the surrender of love? How does the communication flow? The verbal as well as the silent? Do they make you laugh? Do they stimulate your mind as well as your libido? Is there incredible depth to their character? Are they honorable? Loyal? Start to give specific details of your ideal mate and connect to each one of their traits, characteristics, attributes. List all your negotiables AND your non-negotiables. Start telling the truth and allow the truth to dictate the choices you are making.

It's the same with anything that we want from life. Whether a job, money, health, love, or healing or ending a relationship that hurts,hides or hinders the true you.

Open your mouth and start speaking the truth into the desires of your heart, and the calling of your soul. Start telling the truth and be guided by that truth with every choice you make. Honor yourself by honoring your truth. It may not be comfortable at first, but the freedom that will follow with each truth you speak will be worth any moment of faced fakeness and fear. Breakthrough to your big O. Open up and say ahhh....Experience it....Savor it...The pleasure of truth...What a release.....
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Love Lies in Disguise...Like A Faked Orgasm
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