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 The Purpose of My Passion

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The Purpose of My Passion Empty
PostSubject: The Purpose of My Passion   The Purpose of My Passion Icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 2:55 pm

Today, as I was trying to sleep, the Holy Ghost began to show me the entire picture of my life and why ministry is so important. Now, this won't be a deep blog, but it is a eye-opening one! God showed me in less than 10 minutes the intimate details of the Purpose of My Passion. I have come to realize, that I have never put into words or stated on paper just what Ladies Night Out Out International Ministries, , really means to me. Now is the time to write it and make it plain for the entire world to know and understand.

It has been the most incredible, breathtaking, painful yet teachable time for me. In the last 11 years, when a handful of people tried to make me doubt the mission of my life, I can actually say with great accuracy, that Ladies Night Out International Ministries filled the needs of thousands of women in the Canton, Massillon, Akron, Cleveland, Atlanta, Louisiana, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, New York, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Chicago, Tennessee, Denver, Cold Springs, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC, Canada and California Regions.

Ladies Night Out International Ministries has invested over $251,000+ of community and personal money into programs that teach on health, spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and cultural dynamics of countless women. It has given away more than $85,000 in Kitchen Supplies, Computers, Webdesign, Home Supplies, Furnishings, Grants, Scholarships, Food, Debt Release, Clothing, Educational Events, Event Scholarships and much more. It has changed the lives of countless individuals and has cultivated tremendous good in women's lives as well as the community of Canton Ohio. Ladies Night Out International Ministries has been a forerunner in the church community and actually taught many churches how to have conferences at different sizes, different financial budgets and at a different mindset level in order to advance their ministry. It has been a template that many ministries have utilized in it's level of professionalism, level of love, level of business and level of excellence. Ladies Night Out International Ministries has made a imprint and has been the birthing process for many ministries that are widely known and ones that are not so known due to mentoring, training and sharing information on what works and what dosen't in today's society.

Some of the biggest sponsors to date have been Aultman Hospital, Home Depot, Malone University, Alabaster Oils, L.T.A. Productions, The Appling Family, Cathedral of Life Ministries and Value City Department Stores.

Many women and families have walked away with a piece of Ladies Night Out either in their stomach, their hearts, their minds, their homes or their education, that has started a new generation of hope for their children. I've never looked at it quite that way before. Sometimes, when you do something for years, you eventually begin to do it out of habit and forget why you do it in the first place.

I have not received many thank you's and I have actually been hurt more than I really want to state by people who have taken advantage of the programs offered and the income that my husband and I poured into this particular ministry. We have been raped and stolen from financially, resourcefully and spiritually in many capacities. We have not taken anything from the ministry in financial gain or in a state of need. Our family has struggled with being disabled ourselves with finances that are very limited. My children have struggled with the sharing of my husband and I with countless families. Yet, I count it all joy! and would honestly do it all over again just to see the souls saved, restored and redeemed.

Yes, the ministry has changed the dynamics of who I am. I have lost friends due to circumstances beyond my control, miscommunication and assumption of my heart. I have even been cursed by some of the most famed people in the world. I have looked and experienced lies, deceit, betrayal and hatred simply because Ladies Night Out International Ministries exist. Many have misread my heart and have tried me in the public eye. But, I count it all joy!and would honestly do it all over again just to see the souls saved, restored and redeemed.

Yes, the ministry has shaken the very core of my beliefs in people and even God. Yet it has built my faith to a level beyond just existing and actually cultivated a level of extreme movement. You see, when all the dust settles, it comes down to one thing. Who did I do this for? I have received no rewards on earth for my passion. Instead, I have experienced great resistance to change, to stability and to increase. I myself had to stop resisting the assignment and learn how to embrace the making of who I am through Ladies Night Out International. Though it made me and continues to mold me, I must always concede to the inevitable truth that I did all this just to hear "Well Done" by the only who matters...Jesus.

So, if the ministry changes the dimensions of people and activates motivation to become something greater than their own bondage, it still has done nothing if I loose the greatest reward, or miss out on the greatest compliment one can give, by the only one who can give it. Yes, I wanted to help people...but helping someone didn't need to take all of this. Yes, I wanted to see people's lives changed and give them hope and extend to them the helping hand that never was extended to me in my grave time of need...yet, I can honestly say, I didn't do it for the women or the families. My passion was and still is to pursue God's voice, His presence and His approval and yet, do it all in constant state of forgiveness and love.

I can not allow any bitterness to grow alongside the branches of this great movement. Nor can allow offense to dictate by responsibility to God's Kingdom and people. So you see, Ladies Night Out is not just another women's conference. It's not just another event. It's not close to being finished, nor will it end in my lifetime. I will mentor someone to take my place to grow it even further than what I could. Ladies Night Out International Ministries is the cultivating force that motivates and encourages my passion.

When one women gets that she is loved, and really moves in that dimension of's worth it.

If you never remember my name, please remember my cause. If you have already formed an opinion about my character, please look deeper into my heart. If I am unable to please your qualifications or meet your validation requirement, than I truly understand and hold no offense towards you. But, please always examine the was my passion for the voice of God that pushed me into a lifetime of servanthood.

This year Ladies Night Out International Ministries will be at a turning point. This year is the Paradigm Shift. The patterns of old can not work in this dimension. Everyone must adjust to revealed requirements of the Holy Spirit.

The vision for Ladies Night Out International Ministries is as follows:

Ladies Night Out will be moble and move it's education format to multiple cities and countries World Wide. The ministry will try to reach and try to help those in Africa, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, South America and Haiti.
Ladies Night Out will continue to grow it's corporate sponsorship in order to maintain and sustain such a call.
Ladies Night Out will actively seek out State Ambassadors as well as Ambassadors at Large who represent the nations listed.
Ladies Night Out will establish Shelters, Work Programs, Water and Food Programs, Education and College Programs to increase productivity of quality World Wide.
Ladies Night Out will be a Mission, a Passion, a Global Cause.
My hear the voice of God say well done. My motivation...YOU! My marker...your change! My finish line...when my heart walks in continuous love.
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The Purpose of My Passion
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