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PostSubject: Relationship Expert   Relationship Expert Icon_minitimeThu Sep 01, 2011 2:36 pm

More and more people are turning to a relationship expert for help with their love lives or lack of them. It may be about their family, neighbours or work colleagues but usually it is about romance, love, marriage and affairs. For the record most of those who look for help with relationship issues or want support with them are female, and the majority of those are aged under 25.

Maybe because they are so young that most of them are not married or going through a divorce, or already divorced or getting over the death of a spouse but are either seeking to be in a relationship with a lover or already in such a relationship where things are going pear shaped. Either they do not have family and friends they can turn to in their hour of need, or they have heard it all before and are fed up with discussing it with them, or they do not trust them with such issues.

This is where a Relationship Expert comes into their own. The upside to this is that there are lots of people around who offer this advice and support, often on the web, where you can consult them from the comfort of your home, the downside is that there are loads of them and you can get very confused about which is the best one to trust. To make it worse there are a lot of experts who offer advice but who are not properly qualified or experienced and probably no more use to you than your acquaintances would be, but giving the impression they are more capable because they have set up a website.

If you are going to go to unqualified and inexperienced people you are probably better off going to family and friends because they already know about you and it would save you a lot of time on filling them on on the basic details and background of the situation. You could also go online and go into relationship forums where you can chat to others all over the World who are not qualified or experienced but genuinely caring and sympathetic and there to support you while you support them, and this may be better for you BECAUSE they are not people you know and meet regularly. Sometimes trusting a person you know is not a good idea, not if they are a gossip, talk about you behind your back or find it hard to keep secrets!

It is essential that you are sure the person you consult is capable of giving you the help you need. This is why I set up The Association of Agony Aunts and make sure that anyone I take on to work for me is caring, sympathetic, patient, unshockable, not judgemental, wise, knowledgeable and reliable. They are either fully trained before they get to me or I make sure they are properly trained up before they are allowed to go anywhere near a problem. When someone is in need of help the worst thing that can happen to them is that they turn to someone who is not reliable or able to deliver what they are asked to do and they end up feeling even worse.

Over thirty years ago when I thought I had what it takes to do this work I knew it was a huge responsibility and that it would be unfair on people to advertise and offer my services if I was unsure or if it was something I was doing more to please me than them, so I made sure I was thoroughly tested by experts and professionals. If they had not agreed that I gave wise advice I would not have continued. Unfortunately, there are people out there offering (so called ) advice who do not care about this or see this and continue to offer "advice" despite not having proved their advice is worth having.
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